How To Use Ezoic and Adsense On The Same Website?

Most people think that Google Adsense is the only way to monetize their blog and website. But talking about display ads, it is a small part of website monetization. However, using display ads on blogs and website is one of the best sources to earn money.

Similar to Adsense, there’s another ad network that has been gaining popularity called ezoic.

Ezoic is an AI ad network that can increase your website revenue by 50-200% compared to other ad networks, especially Adsense.

But do you know that you can use AdSense and Ezoic simultaneously?

So how are you going to do that? Well, reading this complete guide might solve your problem, and you can use both the ad network at the same time.

Let’s start with the eligibility to join both platforms.

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To join AdSense, you can visit the official website from here, where you can read in detail about your requirements to get approved by Google Adsense. I have also shared the tips that helped me get my blog approved quickly within a few days.

Eligibility to join AdSense.

Requirements to join Adsense

  • Your blog should contain unique non-plagiarized content.
  • Your content and website should follow the policies and terms of google.
  • It would help if you were not a minor and must have crossed 18 years. If you are below that, you can create an account in the name of your family members.
  • Must have at least 20-30 well-explained blog posts.

Eligibility to join Ezoic.

Previously in ezoic, you need at least 10,000 monthly traffic on your website to get the approval.

But now, the limit of having 10,000 monthly traffic has been removed, and anyone can apply to join this network.

Requirements to join ezoic

  • Your website/blog should comply with AdSense guidelines and policies.
  • Your site should have rich and informative content.
  • Adsense-supported language(English, Spanish, and Hindi).
  • Your site should have got penalties from google.

Hurry up and Join Ezoic Now!

What is the best way to get approval in ezoic?

Adsense is a good ad network but compared to Ezoic. It does not use artificial intelligence and machine learning that much.

Your focus in the first few months of creating blogging should be on developing content. Once your blog has more than 30 posts, you should focus on monetizing it.

Before applying on the Ezoic, first, apply on the Adsense. It may take 24-48 hours if your site has good content and follows all the rules in the given policies.

After that, getting approved from ezoic also takes up to 24 hours. Now you can use both platforms on one website.

To get more information, read further about connecting Ezoic with Adsense.

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How to connect AdSense and Ezoic?

Connecting Adsense and Ezoic is very easy. Just follow the steps below, and you are good to go.

  • After getting approval, you will see your blog name at the top left corner and get multiple options for monetization and optimization. To connect both ezoic and Adsense, click on the monetization option.
  • Now you must get approval from the google ad manager. If you want to use Adsense and ezoic simultaneously, it will help you as it helps to control and support multiple ad networks. For more info, you can read here. Learn the ad approval processes.
  • Once you get approval from the ad exchange, you can connect ezoic and AdSense on your website.
  • To connect your existing AdSense account, click on mediation and fill up the details, such as the email and password of your Adsense account.
  • After filling details, you need to go to your AdSense dashboard > Accounts > Access and authorization > Third parties. From here, you need to permit ezoic to connect with AdSense.
  • As you can see in the above image, I have connected Ezoic with Adsense. You can also remove this if you don’t want to use AdSense anymore.

How to connect AdSense and Ezoic with manual support?

Sometimes in ezoic, the mediation app does not work correctly or takes too much time. You can do mediation in 2-3 hours if you don’t want to wait for more time. Read carefully the below points and follow all the steps to do mediation of ezoic and Adsense.

Steps to do mediation manually in ezoic

  • Scroll down and click on get in touch.
  • A page will open where you can select the issues you are facing on ezoic. You can skip choosing the options.
  • Click on “These articles didn’t help me.”
  • A new form will be open where you can write about your problems related to Adsense mediation.
  • Within half an hour, ezoic experts will contact you and ask you to describe your problem briefly. They may also ask for your mail Id and other details.
  • This is manual, so you must stay online and log in to your Adsense accounts to permit ezoic.
  • Once your problem is solved, your dashboard may look like this. You can raise multiple tickets if your problems are not solved.

Why you should join ezoic?

There are multiple reasons why you should choose ezoic over Adsense or any other ad network. These are my personal opinion I also have used Adsense for a couple of years and then shifted to ezoic.

  • Easy approval for websites with no traffic threshold.
  • The payment threshold is only $20.
  • It has its own website speed-up system.
  • You can choose what type of ad you can show from ad categories.

Hurry up and Join Ezoic Now!

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