Reasons You Should Not Worry About DA – PA Of Your Website!

Reasons You Should Not Worry About DA - PA Of Your Website

When Moz introduced DA-PA metrics, it became popular among SEOs, and most bloggers started to talk about it. DA-PA is still relevant among most bloggers as they see it as deciding factor whether a website is authoritative or not.

The higher the DA-PA of any website, the higher it will have an authority.

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Before moving on to why you should not worry about DA-PA of your website, here is some detailed information about this topic.

What is domain authority (DA)?

Domain authority means how popular your domain or website name is in your niche or in the blogging community. Domain authority is calculated using some backlinks directly linked to your domain name.

The more backlinks you have linking to your domain name from authoritative sites, your domain authority will increase.

What is page authority (PA)?

Page authority works on a specific page of your website. It can be any blog post, article, or tool page helping others fix their problem. When people link to your page compared to other site pages, that page’s authority increases.

The authority of any page increases due to its content. The better you create content. The more websites will link to it.

Let’s see some of the common myths about domain and page authority.

Myths about Domain and Page Authority (DA-PA).

The biggest myth about DA-PA is that it affects the SEO of a website, but in reality, it is not valid you should not even care about it.

Moz has its algorithms to calculate DA-PA, and google and other search engines have their own algorithms to rank any content on search engine results pages.

Some bloggers and website owners might think their blog may not compete with sites with high DA-PA.

But practically, if you create quality content faster than other bloggers and writers, your content can efficiently crawl, index, and rank on the top search results.

Why should you not worry about DA-PA?

As a blogger, I don’t care much about DA-PA because I know, as per google’s guidelines, any content can be ranked on the search engine if it has unique and quality information.

DA-PA is generally calculated when buying any website or buying backlinks from it. As it provides them with a quick idea about the prices to set.

DA-PA is all about backlinks, so to increase in rating, you need to have linkable content to which people can provide links.

In the above image, you can see that the domain and page authority of amazon is 96 and 90. This high rating is due to the affiliate marketing program from amazon.

Most bloggers do affiliate marketing by writing blog posts about a product from amazon, and they provide links to amazon to send their readers to complete the call to action or buy the product.

The link that bloggers embed on their blogs gives a single to search engines that a website is linking to amazon, which gives a link juice and increases the domain authority. That’s why have a high DA-PA.

Similarly, if multiple blogs link a specific product, this will increase its page authority.

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