What Is Local Blogging? Less Competition, Easy Earnings!

Local blogging refers to writing content about local places, food, tourism, and culture. Local blogs are best for achieving success quickly in local areas such as towns, cities, villages, and communities. It helps people from the local areas to get access to news and activity that are happening in the local area.

Here you will get all the information about local blogging and how you can do this.

What is local blogging?

In local blogging, content creators write or create content related to their locality or place nearby. Local blogs can get quick and positive results, as, on most websites, only limited information is given about any place.

Suppose you live in a small city with about population of 500,000 – 600,000 people. But when you search about your city or town on the internet, you don’t get much information about places nearby.

This is a kind of a jackpot if you don’t get any good information about your place on the internet because you can easily create that content locally.

Advantages of local blogging.

  • Locals people admire your content – People love to read about the places nearby, and other tourists who visit your city might find your blog helpful if you have written helpful content for them.
  • Takes less time to create content – As you belong to that particular place, it becomes easy for you to write content. There’s not much thinking before you create content. Also, images and videos of nearby places can be easily clicked by you.
  • Get local-level advertisements – Most visitors to your blog will come to your place only. This is an excellent advertising opportunity locally. You can promote shops nearby your area or new restaurants opening soon.

Ideas for local blogs and websites

Ideas for a local blog are limited, and you have to choose a broader topic about your place to get the maximum amount of traffic. Here are some ideas.

  • Local Directory – Local directories are best for local blogging. However, some international companies provide local directory services. Still, you can make one in the name of your city or town and list the famous places such as malls, restaurants, and shops near your area.
  • Travel Blog -If your area is famous for tourism, it has temples, caves, waterfalls, and mountains you can visit, create vlogs, and write blogs about. This will also help future tourists to know about the place before they come to it.
  • Local or regional news – I live in India, and various regional languages change every 100 miles here. Most bloggers prefer English as their primary language, but if you write content in your local language, you can get crazy fast results.
  • Fact page – Many people don’t know about their city. Also, their knowledge about a particular place is not very deep. Similarly, people who migrate from other regions also don’t know much about the place. Creating a fact blog can benefit them as they will learn about the place.
  • Academic information – This can be an excellent advantage for people who live in a city with good colleges and universities. Thousands of students come to study in a specific place to complete their higher education. This can be your golden opportunity as you can write about various colleges and schools, their admission rules, fees, and the type of education they provide on your local blog.
  • Employement news – Most of the times people are unable to find jobs in their local city or area. This happens due to lack of digital litracy among the employers and they still use tradition newspaper ads. You can cover this gap by creating a website about employment news agency.
  • Best places – Don’t add this with tourist places. Most of the time, people find the best places they can shop, eat, visit or chill. You can review the places near your area, create a list, and mention the prices of the place that people can go to. This would be a helpful local blog idea.

How to make money thru a local blog?

People think local blogs won’t make much money, but if you use a good strategy, you can earn a good amount even when you get less traffic. Here are some ideas you can use if you have a local blogging site or want to create a new one.

  • Earn thru commissions – If there’s any event in your city. For example, if some celebrity or singer has come to your place for the first time, you can sell event tickets by tying up with the event management agency. You can also do this with any product by collaborating with a shop.
  • Selling ad spaces – You can show ads of your nearby place, such as schools, colleges, and restaurants. The spaces you can sell for about $500-$800/monthly or even more if you have a decent number of monthly visitors on your site.

How to get traffic on your local blog?

  • Seasonal content – Create seasonal about a function or big event that is going occur in your area.
  • Create content on social media – Create a page about your city on Instagram or facebook. Create reels, memes and engaging content.
  • Join social media groups – In Facebook groups you can share any news for upcoming event or job in return you can ask for follow request to your page or make them visit your website.


Local blogs are easy and quick to create. You may get constant traffic on these blogs if you keep updating and add new content to it. If you want to expand it make sure to start covering other areas news and topics as well.

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