21+ SEO Facts That Every Content Writer Should Know In 2023!

seo facts

SEO is a fantastic technique. If you know doing SEO the right way, nothing can stop you from being at the top of the search rankings.

In this post, you will learn about top SEO facts that will increase your knowledge about this topic and help you improve your content.

These facts are taken from highly authoritative sources and are 100% legit. Make sure to read them all if you have just started SEO.

  1. SEO was started in the year 1997. (Merklein)
  2. Google started publishing SEO guides on August 08, 2005. (Google)
  3. Google launched webmaster tools in the year 2005. Later in the year 2018, it changed its name to Google search console. (Ahrefs)
  4. Natural links are the most valuable links from per SEO point of view. (Moz)
  5. The Word count of blog posts is not a ranking factor. (SEJ)
  6. 80% of the SEO courses about blogging have the same content. (Degreesetup)
  7. Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines follow the guidelines of Google. (Google)
  8. A new blog or website takes about 6-8 months to rank on the first page and 8-10 months on the first 10 positions. (Ahrefs)
  9. Your content can ranks without any backlinks. (Monitorbacklinks)
  10. DA and PA are not ranking factors. It increases with time when your site gets backlinks and quality content is added. (Tuyadigital)
  11. Learning SEO will take you around one year on your own. (Degreesetup)
  12. CMS(Content management system) does not matter in rankings. You can use your CMS or use WordPress. (John Mueller– Search Advocate at Google)
  13. Shared hosting does not affect SEO. (John Mueller– Search Advocate at Google)
  14. Most experts say that link.net was the first blog started in 1994 by Justin hall. (Themeisle)
  15. You can use the google search console for keyword research. (Degreesetup)
  16. Google keyword planner is used for SEO and PPC, not for finding keywords for blog topics. (Semrush)
  17. Sony Music, Tech crunch, and most top websites use WordPress as their CMS. (10web)
  18. Submitting your websites and blogs to various directories does not help build quality backlinks. (Degreesetup)
  19. There are more than 1.7 billion websites and 600 million blogs worldwide. (Weforum)
  20. Info.cern.ch is the world’s oldest and first website to go online, and its design has not changed yet.
  21. Krishna Bharat was the person who developed google news it’s beta version was released in September 2002, and the final version came in January 2006. (India Today)
  22. The SEO industry will reach $84 billion by 2025. (Prnnews)
  23. Google Adsense pays more than $10 billion to its publishers. (oko)
  24. The digital ads market will grow to $645 billion in 2024. (smallbusinessnet)
  25. Google never encourages you to buy an SEO course.

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