How To Write A Staple Post With Ease? Step To Know!

Writing articles and blog posts is a time taking the job. If you have read about the previous type of post that I have written about response posts, then you have probably completed the milestone of writing a certain number of content on your website.

Here you will learn about staple post and what it is. How can you write it, and what are things to include?

I have also discussed its benefits to your website, so read it till the end.

What is a staple post?

A staple post is a list post or a how-to post averaging 1800-2200 words. It is generally written to get a high engagement rate on a website or a blog. These are a form of articles that contains in-depth researched content.

A staple also resembles a word stapler. A stationary item is used to attach documents using a pin. Similarly, here at staple post, you have to add small topics in the form of a list and attach it to the main topic.

The staple post includes:

  • Best list articles.
  • How-to posts.
  • Step-by-step process content.
  • Things do to posts.

Writing a blog post takes a lot of time and deep research about the topic. Generally, it is written after writing the response posts in the blog. Due to competition and high search volume, staple posts take time to rank to search engines.

Staple post

Content with list and step by step process instruction that is well explained in between 1800-2000 words.

Outline of staple post.

Steps to follow while writing the staple post.

Find the right topic.

For writing a list post, you need to find a topic you can write about in depth. The staple post is the primary content that provides authority to your niche.

Let’s see an example; if you have started a photography blog, then the first few staple post you can write on this niche is.

  • Best camera for that particular year.
  • Best camera lenses under $1000.
  • How to clean a mirrorless camera step by step process?
  • What are some of the best photography ideas with a smartphone?

These are some examples of headlines you can write on your staple posts. This will similarly go with every niche.

List out the ideas.

Now you have found the right topic or heading for your staple post, it’s time to list your ideas for it. Here again, I have taken one of the examples from above.

How to clean a mirrorless camera step by step process? So to write a staple post on this topic, here’s the outline of how you can write.

  • Check the settings.
  • Turn off the camera.
  • Remove lens.
  • Rocket blower.
  • Sensor swab.
  • Fit the camera.
  • Turn it on and check if everything is okay or not.

Explain the ideas with suitable examples.

In the above step, if you own a mirrorless camera, you can write every step you follow. Similarly, in each content, you have written about the points in explained manner. Just writing down the points with a few lines won’t make your content better and more helpful.

But one thing you have to avoid is stuffing words and keywords. If you have explained points in short and simple words no need to write 200-300 words for each point.

Add media and images.

Adding images and media in every blog post is unnecessary, but if you write a how-to or step-by-step post, it would be convenient for readers to take action on what they are looking for. You should add at least 2-3 images in a 1000 words blog post.

Alternatively, you can be more creative and add GIFs or videos to make it look attractive and helpful.

Include a call to action.

Always include a call to action at the staple post. Most people read this type of content because they want to fix an issue, buy a product, or something like that. So it’s better to use a single where they can buy a product or book any service related to what they are looking for.


Conclude your content shortly and straightforwardly. List the ideas you mentioned in your content and provide some extra information.

When to write a staple post?

If you have read my previous post about the response post, look at it once. When your blog or website is new, and you have started adding content with at least 20-30 posts in response posts in the first month.

The topic you write at the start should have low competition and be easy to rank on the search engine.

Later you can write starting staple post. Make sure to list ideas and write at least 2-3 staple posts daily. If you see a change in traffic, you can increase or decrease the frequency of adding staple posts.

How much time does it take to write?

The answer to this is it depends! Several factors can affect your timing to write a blog post, especially staple ones.

As these are long forms of content, it would take about 2-3 hours to write an average of 2000 words. If you distribute these 3 hours will real-life examples. Here is how much you will spend on your blog.

  • Topic research(Keyword research, list generation, competition anaylsis) – 15-30 minutes.
  • Creating an outline of the article – 10-15 minutes.
  • Writing an article – 1.5-2.5 hours(Depending on your content’s length).
  • Proofreading and editing – 15-30 minutes.

How to optimize it for SEO?

To optimize a staple post or an article, the steps are given below so that you can implement them in your content.

  • Keep paragraphs short – Keep paragraphs short and easy to read. It should contain about 20-25 words in each para.
  • Add images in each point – Staple post is written point-wise. It would be easy for your readers to add images if possible. Also, add image attributes to it.
  • Use infographics – As in staple posts, the content is mainly written points; you can combine them and create an infographic image of those points.
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