Use Chat Gpt In Blogging|Can it Replace Bloggers| My 1 Month Experince!

Since the launch of OpenAI’s Chatgpt, thousands of videos have been created by YouTubers and content creators about this platform. Most of them even named it “Google Killer” and said it would destroy most jobs in the digital space.

I have been using chat gpt for 30-40 days now, and using this platform; I have concluded some significant things that you should take a look at as a blogger and content writer.

As a blogger, I want to tell you that we have to make several adaptations to survive in this field and keep an eye on various digital updates to be on top of the line.

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Let’s look at what Chat gpt can do.

Chatgpt can give human-like answers, and many content creators have used it to create content such as:

  • Generating computer code for creating websites and software.
  • Writing essays and emails.
  • Other tasks for text generation.

However, you can rely a little on factual-based answers on the chatbot, but when it comes to an opinion, it won’t give a good answer.

Google vs. chat gpt

I have asked a question on both platforms about castor oil, and you can see in the above image that on both platforms, the answers were excellent. In chatbot, I did not have to go thru multiple websites and find the answer, but in google, I needed to do that.

One thing that chat gpt lacks is that it does not show images, but with time this platform will evolve, and we can see images too.

Blogging and the future of SEO after Chatgpt.

Those who think using chatgpt can create content for their blog post and copy-paste it. This will not work for you. You see, Google does not like AI-generated content. They have mentioned this in the helpful content update too.

But so far, the problem is google does not have any reliable way to identify AI-generated content. So people can generate content and easily use it on their blog posts by manipulating it. But as a writer, you should be aware of the factual accuracy of that particular content.

Taking about the future of SEO after chatgpt, it won’t harm much if google brings a specific update about AI-generated content. It has to rely on many factors to distinguish between AI and human-written content.

Recently google has launched an update about E.E.A.T which talks about sharing experiences in content as a creator. This can be a defining factor for A. I generated content.

How to use chatgpt in blogging in the right way?

The content created by chat gpt you cannot be used directly; however, you can manipulate things and situations according to your need and prompt the command as per your need. This AI tool can make things easier for bloggers such as it can provide.

  • Content ideas.
  • Seo suggestions.
  • Content clustering.
  • Finding content gaps.
  • Grammer checker.
  • Seo suggestions.
  • Title and meta tags generation.

Can chat gpt replace content writers?

The straightforward answer is no. Chatgpt or any other AI text generation tool cannot replace humans because these AI tools aggregate content already on the internet. And the content on the internet is mainly written by humans.

If you don’t believe it, here’s what chat gpt has to say.

If chatgpt would replace writers, then why are companies still hiring content writers and bloggers? They know that google will not rank their content online. Also, relying on AI software for companies is a big no because companies want to hire creative people who can tell their opinions and views.

Limitations of chatgpt in blogging.

AI generation tools have limitations, and you must know them if you are a blogger and content writer before using them. You can read its limitations from its official website.

Content relies on pre-existed content.

The content that chatgpt provides is not new. It gives the same information that pre-exists on the internet. But due to its quick answers, people think it is generating content on its own, which is entirely wrong.

This is the early phase for chatgpt, and I don’t know if, after 10-20 years, it may replace humans as writers but not at present.

I searched about many topics on chatgpt, but I got the same type of answers every time. The problem with these AI tools is that they give their answers from their dataset by recognizing the words.

Limited to data set

The Chatgpt dataset hasn’t been updated or cut off after September 2021. I got to know this because I asked, “who won the 2022 Oscars? And look at the answer it gave to me.

Provides wrong information with confidence.

Most of the time, chatgpt can give wrong answers, and that too with confidence. It generates content relevant to what you have asked in the past. It continues until you delete your searches as there is a lot of information that chatgpt lacks even after constantly updating their dataset.

Can’t give opinions and human experince.

The biggest drawback of chatgpt is that it cannot give opinions, review products, or share experiences like human beings.

Can it answer if you ask the question, “how much does it hurt during the first vaccination?”. The A. I won’t give you a good answer like a human being.

How can bloggers use chatgpt in the right way?

Chatgpt can make things easier for bloggers. Rather than taking tension, you should use it wisely. Here are some of the tasks that this tool can efficiently perform.

  • Gather content ideas.
  • Creating content cluster.
  • Checking grammatical errors.
  • Write titles for your blog post.

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FAQ about chatgpt in blogging

Can chatgpt write blogpost?

Yes, chatgpt can write blogposts. However, this content should be checked by an experienced writer because the authenticity of content cannot be decided by an ai tool.

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