What Type Of Images Should You Use In Your Blogs?

what type of image to use in a post

Images and pictures play a vital part in blogging. Using attractive images in your post can grab the audience’s attention, and it also helps gain potential visitors to the blogs.

But most newbie bloggers don’t know what type of images they should use in their blogs.

You can use images such as infographics and graphs in data-related posts, real-life images in lifestyle posts, and original pictures in reviews that can drastically change your content. It helps to gain an audience and makes your content valuable.

Read more on this topic further to have a deeper understanding. Below I have discussed the images you can use in your blog post and make it look different from what the blogs have.

Types of images to use in a blog post.

Here, you will learn to use images in various blog posts. So please read them carefully and make your blog post look better than others.

Real-life images.

riding bicycle sunrise

Real-life images are the best ones if you are a lifestyle blogger. Either you can own them or purchase them from anyone or any site. It should be unique, and not most people should have used it.

Real-life images help visitors to get the story behind your blog post. Also, you can use multiple images on one post to improve your content.

It should contain a person, animal, or any product, as this helps to add value to your content. Please start practicing adding images clicked by you. This helps your blog make a difference from others.

Original images.

original image of cat posing at camera

Original images deal with taking pictures yourself and using them in the blog. Using images is the best practice as it saves money and adds value to your site.

After google’s product update in December, it is essential for bloggers who write review-based content to use and test the products independently.

To review any product, they must upload an original video or photo to make their content credible and authoritative on the web.

So, those who own a product review website must focus on using original images.

Graphical images.

graphical image

Graphical and infographics are best to use on your websites. These images are precious as it contains data and information.

Graphical images are generally used for a blog post with data or a small research topic, but these days, most bloggers use them in every blog post to benefit from it.

These images are best from an SEO perspective because they attract other website owners to link to; hence help in building backlinks for your site.

For making graphical images, you can use many tools such as adobe photoshop and Illustrator, but the most convenient way to do this is using an online tool named canva.

Animated images.

animated image for blog

Animated images are rarely used in blog posts, but you can use them for an informative and descriptive post.

Animated images are an excellent alternative to video and can be used to display any significant step or information instead of making your users watch a full video.

They are easy to create using tools like canva, but as per my recommendation, don’t use more than 2-3 GIF files on one page because their file sizes are big compared to images, and they make the website slow to load.


screenshort pc

Screenshots images are primarily used in technical and digital websites which deal with graphic designing, Operating systems, digital marketing, etc.

These images are best used in “how to” and “list posts” as there are multiple points on those content.

Using screenshots on your blog post can also help in user retention on your website and help to grow your blog.

Icon images.

icon graphic images

Images with icons are used for demonstrative purposes. Let me clarify your doubt here iconic means using specific icons such as location, phone, social media, etc.

Sometimes these images are used as secondary images inside the primary images. Icons are small and can be used in many ways to make your blog post look attractive. It depends on how you use them with your creativity.

Things to look at before using images in your blog.

When you use any image in any blog post, you need to keep certain things in your mind, or else it will create many problems.

Research the images and take permission to use it.

Research the images, whether they are free to use or have copyright. If you want to use copyrighted images, you can read this post about using images without permission from their owners.

Look at the design of your blog.

If you follow one design, creating images for your website will take less time. If you have observed closely, I have used similar images for my featured and blog post main images.

I have created all of them using canva pro, which hardly takes me 5 minutes. You can also do the same if you want to save time. Choose a color matching your blog theme, and you are good to go.

Use the right image format and dimension.

Try to use high-definition images in your blog post. Search engines also encourage and index images fast if they have the proper size and format. The ideal image size format is between 1280 and 720 pixels or higher than that.

Can you use other platform images on your blog?

You can use images from any platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. But as you all know, these platforms have user-generated content, and to use them, you need to take permission from them.

The best way to use others’ images is by giving them direct credit from your blog or website. If they find it good, you can use the images, or they will contact you and ask for some fees for using their content.

Most websites use stock images, and to avoid copyright infringement, they link to the website from which they have images.


It is better to use original images on your blog. However, most new bloggers don’t follow this and go for choosing stock photographs, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

But while using images, make it clear in one that it should support your content. If it fails, do so. Don’t use unnecessary images on your post just to make it long.

As a blogger, I made many mistakes when I started my first blog in every part of it. Such as not writing content well, Using the image of size, Inconsistency, and many other things that newbies should not do.

Well, I think you may have understood my point until now, and you will use good images in your blog.

FAQ about image types to use in a blog.

How to create blog images?

Take photographs or use canva.com to make blog images.

How many images to use in a blog post?

3-5 images are better from an SEO point of view, and you can add extra if needed.

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