Best Image Format For Website: What And When To Use?

Do you have a question about which image format you should use for the website or blog?

Well, most new bloggers ignore which image format they use and use high-quality images. Image formats such as JPG and WebP will make the site faster as images load faster. Whereas using high-quality images such as PNG, if not needed, will make the site slower.

So what is the solution, and what image file format should you use for your blog and website to make it faster and look appealing to your visitors?

The best image format for websites and blogs.

  • WebP(Web Picture) – Webp is among the latest image file formats and is an easy replacement for JPG and PNG file types. The image file size is reduced up to 30% with negligible loss of image quality. These image formats are best if you own a lifestyle, news, and similar blog.
  • JPG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) – JPG file formats are still used for photography blogs and saving images offline. It can be used for e-commerce site sites and sites where images are mostly a priority.
  • PNG(Portable Network Graphics) – These file formats are mainly used for lossless data compression; in other words, this format is better if you use transparent images in your websites and blogs.

However, if you have a new site or blog hosted on shared hosting, it is recommended to use only WebP images as it is the best image format that can replace both JPG and PNG files.

You can also read this post on Why should you use WebP images on your website?. To know things in much more detail.

Various types of image formats and their uses.

You can use various file types in your website or blog, but it is essential to know when and which type of website images can be used. Below you can see a table in which various file formats are listed and which type of website they can be uploaded to.

Types of image format Uses of image format type in website or blog
GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) Meme website, Digital agency website, E-commerce, and Social media websites.
SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) Service providing a website, Digital marketing website, Network marketing website.
TIFF(Tagged Image File Format)Photography website, Porpholio website.
BMP(Bitmap file)Information website and blog. Coding website.
JPG(Joint Photographic Expert Group image)All types of blogs and websites.
PNG(Portable Network Graphics)Mainly e-commerce or product-based sites and all types of blogs and websites.
WebP(Web Picture format) All types of blogs and websites.
Various types of image formats and their uses

How to convert the image format for your website?

Free online image format converters are the best platform for converting your images into various formats.

In my opinion, it is better than photoshop or any other offline tool and software. I use WebP formats images in all of my posts, making them very easy.

To convert any image into another file format, type the original image format and image format you want to convert your image.

Type online ” jpg to webp converter online” or “jpg

For example, I use WebP images on each blog post I write and design all of my blog post images in canva. At the same time, canva does not provide an option to download images in WebP format. The only option for me is converting images using third-party online tools.

screenshot of ezgif image converter online tool.

I preferably use three tools most.



  1. Which images do formats load faster on the internet?

    The loading speed of any image depends on the file size of the image. If it is less, it will load faster. The use of JPG and WebP is recommended for faster loading of the website.

  2. Which is the best format for the transparent images?

    PNG is the best image format for transparent images.

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