Do Clickbait And Boost Your Blog Traffic!

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Yes, clickbait help to boost your blog traffic as using them make your readers curious about the titles and image, and they click on them.

A time comes when, knowingly or unknowingly, content creators do clickbait. Clickbait is not a bad practice, and today almost every blogger or youtube includes this in their blog posts and videos.

Most people see clickbait as a scam, but for many others, it is among the best marketing tricks to attract people.

Some content creators today do clickbait on the extreme level. They use titles and images that are not relevant to what they have created on their main content.

What is clickbait?

Clickbait is a practice in which powerful words and sensationalized topics used as text and images are used so that users click on them to learn about the whole story. There are generally two types of clickbait.

  • Positive clickbait – The user has partial information about the topic, and after reading the title, they decide to click on it to know the whole story.
  • Negative clickbait – The content is not delivered per the readers’ expectations. The title and main content are not related, and this practice is mainly done to get traffic and views only.

As a creator, your main goal should be to help your audience, not to show them ads and sell products.

Examples of clickbait

News headline from the baltimore sun

Click baiting is not a new topic. It became popular as more people started to use the internet. But in the past, many newspapers and advertisers used this technique to draw the attention of their audiences.

Here is a list of ideas that you can use on your blog. These are clickbait titles that most bloggers use to attract audiences.

  • How I made $1000 in less than 90 days?
  • How to build a house for less than $100K?
  • 21+ Reasons to buy an RV this summer!
  • The ultimate guide for beginners to make an application!
  • 15 Reasons you will never believe how youtube can make you rich!’
  • This is what happens when you go shirtless in public!
  • 9 weird ideas to 2X your income.

As you have read the above lines, the main keywords here are:

  • “Less than”
  • “Reasons to buy”
  • “Ultimate Guide”
  • “You will never believe.”
  • “Weird ideas”
  • “Must buy”
  • “The best”
  • “Prime factors”

How do clickbait on your blog posts?

Here are some tips every blogger can use to create link bait or clickbait blog posts.

  • Use power words – Words that have emotions and appeal to the readers.
  • Use numbers – Numbers make readers curious to read a blog post. It can be several reasons, product price, etc.
  • Use sensationalism – Topics that are trending on various social media platforms can be written to make your blog post more clickable.

Should you do clickbait every time?

Sometimes clickbait is good, and sometimes it should be avoided!

This is because most of the time, people search for direct queries such as ” How to fix a room heater?” or “How much does a matter cost”; in return, they also look for direct and detailed answers.

In such cases, you should directly write the content and provide answers most simply. Using clickbait titles on such queries may confuse the readers.

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