Reverse Blogging: Know Everything About It!

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✨ A reverse blog is a platform where users contribute or write content.

The style of blogging has changed now. Today from small to big companies, everyone has a blog. Also, many blogging formats have emerged. Now blogging is mainly done as a profession, for marketing, or promotions.

Many of us know about standard blogging formats, such as.

  • Personal blogs.
  • Business blogs.
  • Marketing blog.

But have you ever heard about reverse blogging? If you don’t know about this term, stick to this content until the end, and you will learn about everything on the reverse blog.

You will also learn the types of reverse blogs, their benefits, and how to create them.

What is a reverse blog?

A reverse blog or inverse blog is a platform where the readers and users contribute and write content for others, mainly for the blog owners. The authors or other users provide them with a topic, and people with knowledge about it write content in the most detailed way possible.

Based on the rules and guidelines of that blogging platform, the owners publish content that meets the guidelines. In reverse blogging, the content is user-generated. They do not create only the topic.

Guest blogging is also a form of reverse blogging. Many blog owners accept proposals from writers who want to provide content for their blog; in return, they get backlinks.

Some of the platforms that come under reverse blogs are.

  • Quora.
  • Just Answer.

Types of reverse blogs.

In the above, I have listed four platforms that people most use for reverse blogging. If you categorize them, you can see there are different types.

  • General blogs – The blogs which have content on any topic, such as science, food, entertainment, etc. These blogs get high traffic because of various types of users; to join them, you must register. Example
  • Academic blog – The writers here are students and professors from various countries. Only academic content is published following the platform’s rules and guidelines. This platform offers high earnings to its users compared to any other platform, and to join them, you have to give assessments and subject tests. Examples – and
  • Technical support – The content is created by the team or the product’s users. People ask questions related to a program, hardware, or software, and other people write content about that topic addressing fixing the issue. Examples- Google support, Microsoft support, and other support communities.

Benefits of the reverse blog.

Similar to blogging, reverse blogs have benefits, too. If you want to know about them in detail, look below.

For blog owners.

  • They don’t have to create content – In reverse blogging, the content is not created by the blog owner. They control the content. They just have to promote their blogs, and people will problem ask the questions, and other people will give the answers.
  • The frequency of publishing content is high – As more than one or two writers are present on these platforms compared to the average blog, the publishing frequency of content is high.
  • Diversity in content – As multiple users are there in a particular blog, the content is diversified, and multiple readers and users can access the blog.
  • Can cover multiple niches – Everyone who will contribute as a writer to your blog will know various fields.
  • Multiple authorities – Your blog will have authority if an expert contributes to it, such as a doctor or researcher willing to share their knowledge.
  • Get high traffic – The more people you have on your blog, you will get more traffic. Also, the number of people asking the question will increase and vice versa with the experts.

For blog users.

  • Users can earn money – There are multiple platforms you can use, such as chegg, writer bay, medium, and quora, which you can use as a content contributor and make money.
  • Build backlinks – If you own a personal blog. You can choose to write for a reverse blogging platform by submitting high-quality content, and in return, you can get featured on others’ blogs. Using this, you can get quality backlinks.

How to do reverse blogging?

To do reverse blogging, you need to find the right platform. And here are some tips that you can use to do so.

Here is a list of some platforms that allow users to contribute writing content on their platform.

  • Dev community
  • Writer by

These are some of the popular platforms. You can find many other platforms as well. Just go to google and type.

  • To find a reverse blogging platform apart from the popular platforms. Go to google search.
  • Now you can search normal and find websites that give chances for writers to publish content. If you don’t find one.
  • Use a google operator inurl: you can take a look in the above image.
  • After inurl:writeanyword ” guest post” or “write for us”. Make sure to use double commas, and beside inurl you can write words that you are interested about.

FAQ about the reverse blog

Can anyone create a reverse blog?

Yes, reverse blogs can be created by anyone.

What are the drawbacks of reverse blogging?

It requires a team or highly skilled person who knows about blogging and SEO so he/she can approve or disapprove the content.

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