How Does User-Generated Content Help In Blogging?

The content that users create is called user-generated content. This includes text, images, infographics, data, and videos. User-generated content platforms are all over the internet, from large to small-scale websites.

User-generated content is created by average content consumers and content creators both. The brands do not take part in this. Some of the top websites, primarily social media platforms, promote the use of this type of content.

Here you will learn the best way to use user-generated content and how you can use it for your blog.

But before moving forwards, let’s know much about this topic.

Types of user-generated content creators.

Forum support

Forums run on user-generated content. One person starts a chat or asks a question, and the other one gives a reply. They can provide answers on any particular topic, such as life advice, tech support, investment, etc.

Some of the popular forums that allow user-generated content is.

  • Quora.
  • Support pages of google forum and Microsoft.
  • Reddit.
  • Stack overflow.

Content writers

You can also create content similar to a personal blog and websites where you can provide content on any third-party blogging site. These sites also pay you for your content. The more you write, the more you earn. That’s their rule. In return, they keep 20%-30% or more and give you the rest of their platform’s earnings. BTW these are hidden charges, so you will never know about them.

Platforms where you can write content and earn money.

  • Medium.
  • Hubpages.
  • Vocal.

Video creators

One of the most popular categories of user-generated content is videos. Youtube is one of the best examples of user-generated content in video categories. Every day millions of videos are published on youtube across the various parts of the globe in different languages.

In recent years reels have also become famous

Some of the popular platforms are.

  • Instagram.
  • Youtube.
  • Tik Tok.
  • Twitch.
  • Facebook.

Graphic designers and photographers

Graphic designers and photographers are also content creators. They also produce user-generated content using specific platforms such as canva or Shutterstock to sell the picture and their graphics ideas.

How to use user-generated content on your blogs?

Here are some ways you can use user-generated content on your blog. But remember to use them. Your blog has to be old or gain some popularity so that people or readers have an interest in contributing to your blog.

Guest posts.

You can create a guest post section on your blog to get free content from your readers. Make sure to write the guidelines for the content you want to publish on your blogs, such as word limit, niche, and writing style.

You can give the writer a backlink or a shoutout for their blog.

Article writing competition.

You can conduct a small writing competition if you have a well-established blog. This is the best way to get content in bulk. But for that, you need some funds or products that you can give to the selected winners.


If you don’t have social media account, then create one and ask for surveys. You can do polling, Q&A, and ask FAQ’a to your audience to get what they think about a specific topic. You can use their data while writing a blog post or an article.

Ask for images and videos.

You can ask to contribute images and videos. If you are not getting suitable media for your blog posts, you can ask your audience to get them. You can either pay them or give them credit on your website.

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