How To Literally Write 30 Blog Posts In A Month?

Can you write 30 blog posts in a month?

That just seems impossible for an individual to write so much content just in one month. But the reality is that most writers don’t do proper planning, which limits them to writing only 3-4 blog posts per week.

But you can increase your productivity and write one blog post each day to make your content collection diversified on your blog. Also, adding more content will give advantages such as:

  • Increase traffic on your blog.
  • Give you new audiences.
  • Increase blog revenue.
  • Give you more content ideas.

As a full-time blogger, I have shared all the techniques I use to write blog posts daily. This content can help quickly help you out if you are looking for quick tips to blog daily.

How much time do you have?

Time is an essential factor in blogging. The more time you give to your blog, the more content you will write.

Taking about the various situations, you may choose one among various categories that suit you well. Here are some examples of people working or having a day job and, based on that, how much time they can spend on their blog.

  • For people doing a full-time job (6-8 hours) – You can manage 1-2 hours and give time to your blog.
  • For people doing a part-time job (3-4 hours) – You can give 3-4 hours to your blog and do part-time work effectively.

Working on a blog on being at a full-time job makes your progress slow on your blog. However, working with consistency can make your blog competitive.

How to create your work plan?

Writing 30 blog posts can be easy if you follow my plan. I try to write blog posts daily; however, due to some social commitments, I somehow manage to publish more than 25 blog posts in a month. But follow them regularly, and it will be a piece of cake for you.

The best way to write 30 blog posts in a month and maintaining the streak is by enjoying what you write on your blog. You must have knowledge about the topic don’t just share the things you don’t know about

Let’s start with some ideas I have learned from various SEO experts and marketing gurus.

1. Find keyword ideas.

I have mentioned many times in several blog posts that you should write low-competition and high-competition keywords later when your site gets some authority on the niche.

But according to Google’s John Mueller, writing content according to search volume may degrade the site’s quality. To avoid this, you must write content based on your expertise and passion, not on what search volume tells you.

So create a monthly list at the end of the last month. For example, if you want to write content in December, make a hit list of ideas in November.

Keep more than 30 ideas ready to choose the topic while writing the blog posts. In addition, write what you like, not just to rank content on the search engines.

2. Fix your timings.

Fix a specific time for writing your content. It could be either at night or at the morning. As per my suggestion, make sure to publish or schedule your post in the morning because most people only read blogs at this time.

You can quickly write 700-800 words in 1-2 hours. Make sure not to write the content fast and keep it readable.

3. Gather blog resources.

Instead of playing games and watching useless videos, you can gather blog resources in your free time. Now here resources can be anything such as.

  • Data.
  • Videos.
  • Images.
  • Websites.

If you get free time during your work or office hours, you can do this little research and bookmark the content, and later, you can use them on yours.

5. Don’t write just content.

Blogging does not mean that you can only add text to your content; it can be anything, such as images or videos, that helps your audience to understand your thoughts and ideas in a better way. You can add creative things to your blog and make it super helpful, as there are no limitations.

Things you can do to write blog posts faster.

If you want to write a blog post faster, there are several ways other than just typing on the keyboard. You can use these things to type faster and save time.

Voice dictation

There are many voice dictation apps available for free on the internet that you can use. I use a Speech-to-text extension to write my blog post using my voice. It also helps me create content faster.

Proper outlining

Many of you may think that outlining is a step for content writing. Why am I sharing this with you here?

Many bloggers don’t outline what they need to write in their posts. Outlining blog posts take only 15-20 minutes, which is also good from an SEO perspective. The best way to create an outline for a blog post is to keep the main questions on the top and write related questions on the bottom to create an inverted pyramid.


Image from

Characoder is a type of keyboard in which you can type 8x – 10X faster than a standard keyboard. In a qwerty keyboard, the average typing speed is 35-45 WPM(Words per minutes), and in Characoder, the typing speed can go up to 300 WPM.

This device can help you out if you type a lot in your office and writing your blog posts too.

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