How Much Time Should You Spend On Your Blog?

time to spend on a blog

Do you know how much time you should spend on your blog to generate good profit?

Many bloggers and writers may have this question in mind, and to get all the answers, you can read this post until the end.

To write this, I have analyzed and watched several bloggers’ trends and learned how often they used to blog during their initial days of blogging.

Also, I have been blogging for quite a while now, and so far, I have been able to attract a few thousand people to blog monthly with my content.

So if you are thinking of starting a blog, how much time should you spend on it?

According to Statista’s survey, 21% of bloggers spend 2-3 hours writing content daily, and among Professional bloggers, about 19% spend more than 5-6 hours blogging as they treat this as a full-time job, whereas 4.6% of people spend less than an hour on writing content.

How many hours should you work on your blog?

Most content writers and bloggers take about 1-2 hours to write a blog post. But the situation is not the same for everyone. People with good typing and English skills can create faster content than those with slow typing speed.

You can be consistent to make your blog successful, and to make it, here is how much you should spend on blogging daily.

  • Students – 2-4 hours.
  • Housewives – 3 hours.
  • Working professionals – 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening.
  • Full-time bloggers – 5-6 hours

Talking about weekly working hours for a blogger as per analyzing various job advertisements. Most bloggers and content writers work about 40-50 hours a week. To find out more about this, you can view advertisements.

How much should you blog to make your blog successful?

To become a successful blogger today as per current trends and looking at the competition level in the blogging community. It may take you more than 12-16 months to start earning from your blog and 2-3 years to establish a level where you can become a full-time blogger.

If you have started your new blog, you should plan properly to make it successful and start making money from it.

To make you understand better, I have made a work table for you so that you can work accordingly, make your blog work, and reach out to your audience.

In the table below, you can see what actions you need to take on your blog in various months. These actions you have to take within 24 months, which is the ideal time you should spend on your blog to generate a profitable income.

Months you need to spendActions to take
0-3 monthsDesign a site, Find keywords, and Add blog posts (at least 10)
3-6 monthsAdd more content, optimize your blog post and do proper interlinking.
6-12 monthsStart targeting medium competitive keywords in this period. At the end of the year, you should at least have 100 blog posts.
12-16 monthsUpdate your old content, and try out various monetization options.
16-24 monthsUse your profit to hire writers and create more niche blogs.
Actions to take for making a profitable blog.

Tips for new bloggers.

  • Select a good niche.
  • Plan your content.
  • Find Low CPC keywords.
  • Write content daily.
  • Do original research.
  • Keep your blog post descriptive and informational.
  • Update your content frequently.
  • Get information from authoritative sites.

How to start your first day of blogging?

If you’ve completed designing your blog or got it from a designer, it’s time to put content on it.

You need to focus on five primary things in blogging. As a content creator for writing any content, I must perform these things. If this is your first day writing the content, you should focus on these five things.

  • Researching.
  • Writing.
  • Optimizing.
  • Proofreading
  • Publishing.

Let’s see how much time these things take to do with the help of a table. The time duration is taken into consideration for writing a 1000 words post.

ResearchLook for competition and analyze loopholes that other creators have not mentioned.15-30 min.
WriteWriting headings and paragraphs and adding images.30-45 min.
OptimizeAdding internal and external links, adding alt text 10-15 min.
ProofreadFind errors and grammatical mistakes.10-15 min.
PublishPutting your content on the internet.10 sec.
Time to write a blog post

You should remember these five things as having to follow when writing any piece of content.

How to write blog posts faster?

If you want to excel in writing blog posts faster, follow these tips, and you will be able to write 2-3 blog posts daily.

  • Use speech-to-text software to write blog posts faster.
  • Work on your typing skills. Practice typing at least 15-30 min a day.
  • Write text first, then add other media files to your blog posts.
  • Take ideas from experts and summarise them.

How to blog if you have a day job?

If you have a day job, you can blog for an hour at night or write a blog early in the morning. Or else weekends are the best option as you have a day off and can dedicate a whole day towards blogging.

You can also do these things to get more productive in blogging being in a job.

  • Research and analysis competition can be done in one shift, the morning.
  • Writing, optimizing, and proofreading can be done at night.


How to maintain your daily blog?

Add new content, Update the old ones, Fix the errors, and go with the new trend.

What is the best time to write a blog post?

Most people read blog posts in the morning, so if possible, write and publish your post early in the morning.

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