How To Use Power Words In Blog Post Titles?

Power words are mainly used by content writers, copywriters, and bloggers, but many new bloggers don’t know about them and don’t even use them in their blog posts. There are many advantages of using power words on your blog posts, such as:

  • It increases click thru rates(CTR).
  • Increase traffic on your blog.
  • Make your content look different and appealing from others.

Using power words on your blog and articles can increase CTR by more than 30%.

But do you know what power words are and how to use power words in blog post titles? Let’s take a deep dive into this topic.

What are power words?

The words that have some emotions or make readers anxious to know more about the subject are known as powers words. It is mainly used for marketing purposes. However, it is now used by many content creators and marketers to grow their businesses or platforms.

Using powerful words in the headlines can excite your readers; in return, they click on the link out of curiosity. Let’s see some vital power words you must use on your blog post title.

List of power words that you should use.

Based on human emotional power, words have six categories.

  • Excitement.
  • Fear.
  • Anger.
  • Greed.
  • Interest.
  • Trust.

Below I have listed the common power words you can use on almost every blog post.

  • Best
  • Amazing
  • Insane
  • Grateful
  • Real-world

These are some of the words that most blogger use in their blog post daily. You can also experiment and use other words to make your content look different than others.

ExcitingAlarmingHard feelingsMoneyThings to knowHope
Spice upScaryDevilQuicklyAlertnessCalculate

How to use powerful words in your blog posts?

I mostly write blogs about blogging, SEO, and content creation, so you can see how I have used the powerful words in the above image. You can comment down below if you have figured out the power words.

If you want to use powerful words in your blog post’s title, here are some examples that can give you an idea of how to use them on your blog titles.

Here I will give ideas for five words in total each word has its own emotions.

  • Best”
    • 10 best things that you do on a forest trip.
    • 15 best pieces of advice you take from grandparents.
    • 8 best laptops that you can buy on Christmas.
    • 5 Denims companies that produce best and worst products.
  • “Excitement”
    • 8 Thrilling moments in movie scenes.
    • What are some of the bold steps the united states took in history?
    • Stories that can spice up your personality in college.
    • Exercises that you can do at home that will leave you pumping?
  • “Fear”
    • List of best scariest movies that you should never watch alone!
    • Horrible financial stock market losses!
    • 8 Creepy places in Arizona!
  • “Anger”
    • How to deal with annoying kids?
    • What are tips to deal with a moody girlfriend?
    • 9 Explosive ideas for science projects and ideas for college projects!
  • “Overnight”
    • Is it possible to make a big cake overnight?
    • How to quickly fix a kitchen faucet?

As you have read the above ideas now, you may get the point of how you can use power words in your blog post titles.

Other than that, I have also used numbers and stats in many of the titles. Using numbers is highly recommendable in your blog posts as reading them makes the audience more curious looking at numbers, and they click on them compared to those posts that do not have numbers.

FAQ about power words

How many power words can you use in one blog title?

You can use upto 2 power words in a blog title?

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