Google’s BARD-AI: The ChatGPT Killer!

On Feb 06/23, Sunder Pichai announced on google’s blog that Google would soon launch its chatbot or conversational Ai service named BARD.

BARD works on the technology of Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), which was invented in 2017. LaMDA has a transformer similar to chatGPT that uses GPT-3. LaMDA works on figuring out the words from various websites and platforms and gives accurate results in sensible and human-like sentences.

It will be interesting to see if BARD will get the same attention as ChatGPT. Recently ChatGpt has completed 100 million users, and after the launch of BARD, it will be interesting to see how people will use it. Google testers are already using BARD, and google will launch its lightweight version first for the public.

I think it should also bring an AI detection tool so that people should not abuse this tool to create content that AI-generated.

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What benefits will we get?

After reading the article, google cleared that this AI tech will be most helpful in giving the best answers. The answers not on google will be synthesized by this tool and given to the users. These answers will look like snippets that we often see in search results.

So far, This AI tool is only for the help of people. Let’s see how it will change the internet like Open AI’s ChatGPT did in the past few months.

Will Google BERD replace bloggers?

The answer is NO. These AI tools gather information from web pages and websites created by experts and experienced people. The information these AI tools show on their platforms is by getting prompted by the user and mixing up the words that a user wants to know.

When ChatGPT launched, people thought it would replace most content creators, but people started making videos on this platform informing that these tools are meant to make tasks more accessible, not to replace the content creators.

Let’s see what features we will get from Google BARD. I will update here if any new information is published by google.

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