What To Use More On Your Blog? Text or Images!

As a blogger, your main priority should be to provide quality information to your readers. But this can be confusing in how you can provide content to your readers. Whether it should be in text-based media or it should be in rich media content.

To understand more about this topic, let’s move on to knowing what is text-based media is and what rich media content.

Text-based media

Text-based media contains text as a form of information, and this is the most common medium that most content creators use to convey information from one end to another. Text-based media is generally used by 99% of the platform to share information.

How to write text-based content?

  • You have been known to write text on any platform.
  • To give weightage to your content, you need to do research.
  • You have to be fluent in whatever language you want to write and also avoid grammatical mistakes.

Rich media

Rich media includes information in the form of audio and visual formats. It is the best way to share more information using limited space. The primary example of rich media format is infographics, images, and videos.

How to create rich media content?

  • Learn graphic designing skills.
  • Show your creative side and make it easy and look appealing.
  • Use tools like canva, adobe illustrator, and photoshop.

Hybrid content

It is a hybrid form of content when any information is shared using both types of content, such as text and images. The content you are reading here is a simple example of hybrid content, and when you read plain text on any platform, it is an example of text-based media content.

When to use text?

Text content is mainly used when you want to explain a topic in detail. Text-based information is easy to load and can be viewed on any device. Text-based media is easy to grab content and can be created effortlessly if you have good command over the language.

It is mainly used to write:

  • Blog posts.
  • Articles.
  • Journals.
  • Manuals.

When to use images?

Images on any content should be used when you want to convey information concisely. But even a low-resolution image can be 50-60x times large than text. A text file with 1000-2000 words is about 2-3 Kb, whereas an image file of 300 x 200 pixels can be up to 20 Kb.

Images should be used when:

  • Infographics.
  • Images that has steps to follow.
  • Original pictures.
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