Why Should You Not Create Backlinks?

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Backlinks are considered one of the most important ranking signals. If other websites recommend your site through their content, it increases the chances of your site ranking higher and appearing in top positions.

Link building is a technique in which one content creator asks others in the same niche to exchange links between their content.

Backlinking should be used to provide concrete evidence and support the content of your article. This helps build the authority of your site rather than solely aiming to improve rankings.

I don’t practice building backlinks because I believe it can be time-consuming. However, I’ve noticed that many SEO experts on YouTube now recommend backlinking as a necessary strategy for ranking on search engines.

As someone who follows Google’s SEO blogs and Search Central updates, I’ve noticed that experts like John Mueller and Matt Cutts have shared valuable insights on link-building. Their perspectives often differ from those of other SEOs on YouTube.

In one of Google Search Central’s videos, it was mentioned that creating high-quality content that aligns with search standards can naturally lead to the generation of backlinks.

How does a website get backlinks?

A website obtains a backlink when another website or blog includes a link to its content within its content. In simpler terms, if someone links your content to their website, you receive a backlink. Search engines view these backlinks as signals of a website’s importance and relevance, which can contribute to higher rankings in search results.

Backlinks from authoritative websites are crucial because these sites are well-known. When they link to your content, your chances of gaining popularity on your site also increase.

Reasons not to create backlinks on your own.

  • Manual backlinks take time to create.
  • A lot of research work is needed.
  • You need to expose your domain to other content creators in your niche.
  • Chances of spam increase from the other side.

How do you create content that gets backlinks?

The best way to get backlinks is by creating helpful content. When people get the information they are looking for, your content will ultimately rank on top, as the engagement rate will be high. However, you can follow some tips to improve your content and get backlinks.

Create content faster

If you focus on creating content faster than your competitors, your content will rank on top, and if the topic is about a trending subject, it might draw people’s attention and get traffic too. The more people read your content, the more blog and website owners may link to your content as well.

Original Work or research

Original content consistently ranks. That’s what google tells its creators to make. If you create content that has research conducted by you and shows real-world experiences that you have done, it works well for those who may develop an interest in reading your content.

Create controversy

Content that has some controversy always gets clicks. Sensational topics are trending; if you follow news and write similar content about these things, your content can get backlinks.

Don’t follow these links building strategies.

  • Never buy or sell backlinks.
  • Don’t publish sponsored posts that have out-of-the-box content for your niche.
  • Asking for backlinks from sites that have different content than your niche.
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