What Should Be Ideal Blog Cover Images Size?

Blog posts are incomplete without a blog cover. A blog cover defines and tells your audience about your content. Also, using a good cover image adds multiple benefits to your blog.

These images are one the important part of blog posts and articles. On many websites, cover images are also used as featured images, which helps the audience know about the blog’s content.

The ideal size of blog cover images should be a minimum of 1280 x 720 pixels. You can also use high-resolution images in your blog post with a maximum size of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Using beyond this resolution may result in the slow loading of the site.

Cover images on the blogs are also get’s converted into featured images automatically. If you use any WordPress theme such as OceanWp, you might need to add featured images, or else you can disable the option.

Image typeSize in resolution
Cover image1280 x 720 pixels
Vertical images730 x 1100 pixels
Images in subheadings1920 x 1280 pixels
blog images size

Tips for adding cover images on your blog.

If you want to stand out and create unique blog cover images, follow the tips I have mentioned below. Also, avoid using. Stock images on the blog posts as every 3rd blogger uses them.

  • Buy images – If you don’t know how to create images for your blog, buy them from premium platforms. You can use Shutterstock, pixels, or Getty images to buy images.
  • Learn image editing – You can learn simple editing to add text to your images to make them more descriptive.
  • Add actual images – It will benefit you greatly if you click your images. From both SEO and user experience point.
  • Use graphics – If you don’t want to click images on your website, then you can add graphical images. These are best for websites with marketing, education, And SEO niches. I also have used them on my site extensively.

How many cover images can you add to a single blog post?

No restrictions or rules that don’t allow you to add images to your post. However, adding images helps SEO make your content lengthy from a monetization perspective.

On average, it is recommended to use 3-5 images per blog post. It is not that essential but using images helps your blog results to appear on the google images search result.

If you want to make your blog descriptive about every single topic, which includes subheadings, you can add images to them too.

But make sure don’t just do it for the sake of making your content long; instead, focus on if you add a particular image will your readers get benefit from it.

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