Why Are OMR Sheets Rejected? 6 Common reasons that you should know!

While filling out the OMR sheets, you must carefully write all the information correctly and neatly.

But what are people’s most common mistakes, and their OMR sheets are rejected?

OMR sheets are rejected due to filling in false or wrong information, the lousy bubbling of circles, using a different pen other than a ballpoint pen, smudging, and wearing and tear of sheets while filling the sheets.

If you don’t avoid these mistakes, your OMR sheet will get rejected, resulting in total waste of your preparation for the exam.

In this post, I have listed some common mistakes you can avoid while filling out your OMR sheet, and make sure to read them all so that you won’t make any mistakes in the exam hall.

Incorrect Or False Information.

Before the exam starts, students are asked to fill in the details in the OMR sheets. Make sure you fill in all the details, such as.

  • Roll number.
  • Enrollment number.
  • Center code.
  • Exam code.
  • Question paper number.
  • Date of birth.
  • Date of the exam.
  • Category.

And other details that are asked in the OMR sheets. Also, don’t write false information there because this will cancel your attempt in the exam.

Wrong Bubbling Of Circles.

Many people don’t know how to fill the OMR sheet correctly, so they make circles, big or small. Due to this, the OMR machine can’t identify and read the circles correctly and rejects your answers.

To make a bubble correct, see this pic below and fill in OMR sheets just like it to avoid any mistakes.

Using Wrong Pen.

In OMR sheets, there’s explicit instruction written about using ballpoint pens, but some people use gel and ink pens, which take time to dry, and using them had big a significant chance of smudging, which leads to the rejection of OMR sheets.

Check out some of the best pens that can be used for bubbling the OMR Sheets. These pens are widely used by most aspirants in India – 5 Best Pens For Using On OMR Sheets Popular In India!


Although gel and ink pens are not allowed in OMR sheets, sometimes, using a ballpoint pen can also cause smudging. This commonly happens when sweaty palms or water drops fall on the paper while drinking water.

Due to smudging, the circle gets covered, making it hard for the OMR machine to identify the marks or processes. And this is a common reason why your sheets or signatures are rejected.

Folding OMR Sheet.

Before you start filling your OMR sheet, make sure to read all the instructions given in the sheet. Sometimes, it is shown at the top of the sheet or back.

If you fold the OMR sheet, the reader won’t read the document correctly. Also, if the pages are folded, they may get stuck in the machine, resulting in the rejection of the sheet.

While submitting the sheets, make sure OMR page sheets are not rolled at the edges. Because of that, it may not go appropriately inside the machine.

Wear And Tear.

While filling the OMR sheets, another central rejection-off sheet uses the sheet very roughly. This makes the page soft, and the machine won’t be able to check your sheet.

The pages of OMR sheets are between 90-100 GSM, but due to sweat from hands or using the pen too much can hardly make paper soft and thin.

What to do if OMR Sheet is filled wrong?

Well, there’s nothing you can do other than request the examiner to replace the sheets. You will get a new OMR sheet only if the OMR sheets have some printing mistakes or if anything incorrect is mentioned, which occurs very rarely.

What if you have written your roll number wrong in the omr sheet?

You can do nothing on your side, and I don’t expect you to receive a new OMR sheet. If the roll number is wrong, the machine will match other things such as enrollment number, date of birth, ID proof number, etc.

Can bubbles be overwritten in OMR Sheet?

Overwriting does not work with OMR sheets, and once you have made the circle and if it is incorrect, your sheet will get rejected if your full information is wrong.

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