5 Best Pens For Using On OMR Sheets Popular In India!

Best Pens For Using On OMR Sheets

When we give exams containing OMR sheets, we must mark the answers correctly. If we make a mistake while making a circle, such as big or small or smudging in the sheet, it may affect or cut our marks in the final results.

Here you will get to know about some of the best pens that you can use in the exams for marking OMR sheets.

I have personally given about 10-12 exams on OMR sheets, and in the first two papers, I did a lot of smudging and left ink prints on OMR sheets, but after that, I used to carry a good pen, and since then, I am not facing any type of problem while marking the OMR sheet.

First, to know how you can mark the OMR sheet perfectly, let me tell you about the pens you can use for the OMR sheets in any exam.

What are the pens that can be used in OMR sheets?

In OMR sheets, a Ballpoint pen should always be used because smudging is very low; also, the OMR sheets have a low possibility of getting dirty using a ballpoint pen instead of gel and ink pens.

Now, the question may be coming to your mind: what kind of ballpoint pen should you use for marking OMR sheets? Let’s consider some points while buying a pen for your exams.

Points To Consider Before Buying a Pen For OMR (Sheets) Exams.

  • Choose a medium-tip pen between 0.5 mm – 0.7 mm (0.5 mm is better).
  • Get a smudge-free ink pen.
  • Avoid Purchasing Cheap Pens Below 5 Rs.
  • Always use branded pens while writing any exam.

Some exams in India, such as NEET, IIT-JEE, and State PSC, provide a pen for aspirants to write the exam, as they mention in their notification.

In most exams, the centers do not provide any writing material to the aspirants. In that case, you must get the best pens to fill the answers in the OMR sheets.

Here I have listed some pens you can buy for your exams with OMR sheets.

To fill the OMR Sheets, 0.5 mm tip pens are the best as they have a big point covering a large area while writing. But if all pens are uncomfortable, it’s up to you what type of pen you want to use during your exam.

I have given more than 10+ exams in recent years on the OMR sheet, and during the exam, I observed that most of the candidates are using a list of pens are given below.

Pentonic is My favorite Pen.

I have been using the pentonic pen for about 8-9 years. I got to know about this pen from a friend as he was using it in the tuition class. I borrowed his pen for a while, and since then, I have been using this pen as a primary one.

  • Tip Size – 0.7 mm
  • Price – 5 Rs Per Piece
  • Brand – Linc
  • Availability – Amazon / Offline

Natraj Classic Ball Pen Popular Among Many Aspirants.

Natraj is among the oldest brands on this list. These pens are entirely made of plastic, and the great thing is that the ink is smudge-free and smooth to write and is super affordable. You can check these Natraj classic pens.

  • Tip Size – 0.5 mm
  • Price – 5 Rs Per Piece
  • Brand – Cello
  • Availability – Amazon / Offline

Cello Gripper Ball Pen For Best Grip.

As from the name, Cello Gripper is the best grip pen that I have personally used. I have a condition named Palmer hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating from palms). During the exam time, I faced too much sweating from my palms. Due to this, It became quite hard to grip and write on the answer sheet.

If you have a similar sweating problem while writing, then you can buy Cello Gripper Pen.

  • Tip Size – 0.5 mm
  • Price – 5 Rs Per Piece
  • Brand – Cello
  • Availability – Amazon / Offline

Cello Bling Pastel Ball Pens

Bling is another great product from the brand Cello. This pen comes in funky colors and has a good tip. I have used this pen quite a time but not in OMR sheets for writing purposes. You can give it a try and decide whether it is good for you or not.

  • Tip Size – 0.5 mm
  • Price – 5 Rs Per Piece
  • Brand – Cello
  • Availability – Amazon / Offline

Reynolds Fine Carbure

Last but not least this pen is the oldest among all. You may have seen this pen either in an office or by some elders the white body and blue cap bring nostalgia of the old time. The best thing about Reynolds Fine Carbure is that it is a rough pen and can be used in any condition. you should consider this as an emergency pen for your exams.

  • Tip Size – 0.5 mm
  • Price – 5 Rs Per Piece
  • Brand – Reynolds
  • Availability – Amazon / Offline

Other than that, if you are not allowed to take your stationery in the exam hall, you cannot do anything but don’t hesitate to ask for a new pen if you have got into trouble while filling up the answers.

Now let’s see how to fill in answers in your OMR sheet.

  • First, don’t be in a hurry while marking answers in the OMR sheet until you are fully confirmed because there is no second chance to mark answers. If you do, so they will not be counted.
  • Rather than marking answers in the OMR sheet, you can do the same in the question paper but keep your eye on the time. If you ignore it, the OMR sheet will be fresh as new at the last moment.
  • Suppose you have 3 Hours to solve a paper; break it into sections. Here, I have taken the example of the NEET question paper.

There are three subjects that you have to solve in the NEET exam.

  • Biology – 90 questions.
  • Chemistry – 45 Questions.
  • Physics – 45 Questions.

Here’s how you can spit you three hours to solve the paper.

  • First 15 minutes – Thoroughly Read The Question. During this time, don’t solve any questions.
  • 2 hours 15 minutes – During this time, solve the questions given to you in the paper and mark the answers in the question paper itself.
  • Last 30 minutes – In the last 30 minutes, you must fill out all the circles in the OMR sheet. Don’t be in a hurry while doing this, and don’t make smudges around your OMR Sheet.
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