Storage for blog – How much storage is needed for a blog?

Are you making a blog or website?

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But don’t know how much storage you need to create a blog. When I created my first blog on WordPress, I was also anxious to know how much I needed to pay for hosting space to make a blog.

There were many questions in my mind, but as I researched several hosting sites and watched videos on youtube, I got the answer that how much I needed storage for a blog?

A blog can be started with a minimum space of 100 MB. However, hosting providers like Bluehost, Siteground and Hostinger give a server space from 10 GB to 25 GB. As you add more content to your blog, the space also increases.

With time when you add content to your blog, the space will increase, but there are a lot of responsible factors, which I have mentioned below.

How much storage is needed to make a blog?

Let’s break the things into pieces and know what things you add to your blog that takes space. Here I am taking an example of a new blog, and let’s assume I have added ten blog posts in one month.

As per the content point of view, I have listed the types and sizes that bloggers typically use in their blog posts. Reading this, you will know how much storage a blog post takes.

  • Text – This is the main content which is also the base of a blogpost.But as you all know no matter how much you write it least space. A normal blog post of 2000 words which has only text will take 5 KB – 10 KB max space.
  • Image – Pictures and images are really helpful if you want to create a helpful blogpost. It also helps in SEO and brings traffic to your blog. People who don’t know about SEO and content writing use images without optimizing or compressing it. An ideal image size for blog should be more than 1200 px X 700 px and size should be between 100 KB -200 KB.

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  • Videos – When you have hosted your website on shared hosting It is not recommeded to upload the videos on your hosting servers. It will make your site superslow and also consume the dedicated space. Only upload your videos when you have cloud hosting or dedicated servers. An avarage 3 minute video can take upto 150 Mb – 300 Mb.
  • Other media files – Media files such as Gif Images, PNG files can be used occasionally but they consume more space. If there’s no requirment of images don’t use it unnecessary on your posts.

Best hosting services to setup your blog?

If you are just a beginner and want to create a blog with very low investment, you can choose some great options from the hosting services.

Here you can see the three most popular hostinger services that bloggers commonly use. Based on your website type, you can choose them.

All three options have information about shared hosting as most users buy them. To know more about other hosting plans, you can visit their respective sites.

Note:- All hosting plan prices are of 1st year. When you renew your hosting plan, the price may increase up to 30%.

Storage needed as per blog/website niche?

There are multiple niches in blogging. Most bloggers won’t write on a particular niche a few years back, but as competition increases with time.

I did some analysis and concluded the various types of niches and how much storage it would take to create them.

Based on the niches, I have categorized blogs into high and low. Low means an average 100 post blog will take only 400MB-500MB space. Whereas high means 100 post blogs will take more than 1GB of storage space.

Blog categoriesStorage type
Personal blogLow
Food BlogLow
Lifestyle BlogLow
Fashion BlogLow
Affiliate blogHigh
News blogHigh
Travel blogHigh
Multimedia blogHigh

How to be future ready for blog storage?

To be future-ready in blogging, buying a good hosting plan is better than buying a cheap one.

However, it is risky as you have invested a particular amount of money and time, especially new to blogging. But if your content is unique and better in a few months, it will rank and bring the traffic, and you will recover your investment.

Instead of buying shared hosting, you can go for buying cloud hosting. They are somewhat expensive, but you should use them in terms of speed and load speeds.

And if you are creating a blog related to affiliated products or e-commerce, you should use cloud hosting only.


How much space does one blogpost take?

A blog post will 3-5 images can take up to 800KB – 1.2MB of storage. Depending on the file and image type you are using.

How to figure out a blogpost size?

Using tools like Pingdom, Google Page Insights, and GT Matrix.

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