What Is Passive Blogging? How To Do This?

In the blogging industry, there are two kinds of bloggers. One who blogs daily and the others who work passively on their blogs.

Daily bloggers are full-time bloggers who keep updating their blogs frequently. At the same time, passive bloggers add content to their sites by doing things like this.

  • Hiring content writers.
  • Buying blog posts and articles from writing agencies.

These are the main things that help passive bloggers generate their income.

Passive blogging is where other people research, write, edit and publish articles and blog posts for specific websites. At the same time, the complete ownership of the blog remains under one person or a company.

In this, your blog gets automated, and content is uploaded by the people you have hired.

I am writing a post after reading the blogs of some expert bloggers on the internet. I did not find the information I was looking for in most blogs and articles. So I took 3-4 days to research this topic and conclude this blog post.

Things to do before you want to blog passively.

To make your blog a good passive income source, you must wait about 12-18 months. However, there’s no guarantee that your blog will succeed. You have to work on your blog for quite a while to make it successful.

It would be best if you took care of certain things about your blog to make it successful.

  • You should know your niche.
  • Add content with consistency.
  • Avoid spamming your readers.
  • Build authority on your site.
  • Join good affiliate and monetization programs.

Let’s see how you need to do this in detail.

Set up your blog.

To set up your blog, here’s what you need to do. You must create a site yourself or hire a professional web designer.

There are thousands of videos on youtube that you can watch to create a website/blog within a couple of hours.

To set up your blog, you will require these things.

  • Hosting.
  • Domain name.
  • Theme.

These three things are essential for creating a decent blog website. You can get all these things on a single platform which is hostinger.

You can get everything here by spending a little amount of $50-$60 for a whole year.

Create content.

After setting up your blog, make sure to start putting effort into creating content. Creating content will be easy for you if you choose an interest-based niche.

Don’t run after creating a topic that is trending and popular that you don’t personally like. Doing this will make your blog fail.

For creating content, you need to follow these steps.

  • Step 1 – Start writing about the low competition queries that people have not answered in the past.
  • Step 2 – Write content after researching well about the topic. You can watch videos read blogs, and research papers on it. Don’t just copy-paste the content; also, give your opinion on your videos.
  • Step 3 – Be consistent with your upload or publish frequency as a blogger; you must be disciplined about it.
  • Step 4 – Add media such as images and videos. If you create them by yourself, that will be okay.

Monetize it.

After adding some content, wait for a decent amount of traffic to come on your website organically, and then move forward to add your site on platforms like mediavine or ezoic.

You can monetize your blog in various ways.

  • Display ads.
  • Affiliate links.
  • Sponsored content.
  • Sell courses.
  • Info products.
  • Ad spaces.

Build authority.

Building authority on your blog will take time; once you do this, you will rank at the top search engine results page.

You need to focus on your blog’s E.A.T; hence this is the only way to make your blog trustworthy among your readers.

The best way to build authority on your blog is by doing things like.

  • Creating super helpful content.
  • Sticking to your niche and writing content related to it.
  • Conducting original research by reaching out to other experts and similar sites.
  • Writing a review by using products firsthand.

Hire writers.

After setting up all these things, you may generate a decent amount of money from your blog.

You need to hire good content writers to earn passively from your blog. Make sure to hire some professional guys who have done similar work in the past. They should also have at least 2-3 years of writing about similar niches in the past.

After the “google helpful content update,” you should be careful when hiring writing on your site.

Follow these tips.

  • Hire writers when your blog starts a good amount of money.
  • From that profit, keep 40% and use 60% for hiring writers and managers for your blog.
  • Make sure your blog generates at least 2x to 4x content than previously what you used to do alone. If you write 2 blog posts daily, make your writers publish at least 6 to 8 posts.
  • The more content you add, the more profit you make. Repeat the process of investing money in your blog.

Who can do passive blogging?

Individuals and companies can both invest their money in passive blogging. For individuals who all lack funds, passive blogging would be a time taking process for them.

Per my research, I have created a list of those who can invest money and do passive blogging.

  • Individuals.
  • Blog investors.
  • Website flippers.
  • Equity firms.
  • Digital marketing agencies.

FAQ about passive blogging

How much time does it take to earn passive income from your blog?

A new blog takes about 6-9 months to generate a good amount. Automating your blog and earning passively from it would take around 12-24 months.

What is the best niche for passive blogs?

You can work on any niche to make your blog a passive income source.

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