6 Best Farewell Dress Options For Boys And Girls

Best Dresses For Farewell

Is there any upcoming farewell program in your school or college? If yes, you may be confused about what type of outfit you should wear to your school or college farewell. In this article, you will learn about the best farewell dresses for both boys and girls.

What are the Best Dresses For Farewell?

Boys can wear a tuxedo, suit, or formal clothes such as dark pants and light shirts with formal shoes, and girls can choose to wear sarees, an Anarkali kurta, a salwar suit, or any ethnic wear that will work.

However, most students may still be confused about the budget and brands they must buy for farewell. Here I have collected information from many forums and groups, asked some of my friends, and shared my personal experience about dresses for school fare you have to buy.

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Boys’ Dresses For Farewell

There are many options that boys can choose as their outfits to wear in their school and college farewell. Some of them are also given below, and I have mentioned their best buy link to help you buy them online. Buying from my links will not cost you extra.

Outfits you can wear in farewell


A tuxedo should be your first choice if you are going to attend any function. Most people get confused with tuxedos and suits. They both are different read it here for more info.

You can get a tuxedo for starting price range of Rs 2000 to Rs 10000 from online and offline stores. Instead of buying a ready-made tuxedo, people who want an exact outfit can choose a tailored suit.

Cost of tuxedo

Local BrandsStarting Price Is between Rs 2500 – 3500 /-
Mid Level TuxedoRs 3000-5000 /-
Premium Tuxedo Brands Like Reymond, Peter England, Louis PhillipeRs 5000 – 10000 /-


Suits are another best outfit used by most students at a farewell party, like tuxedo suits, which come in the same price range of Rs 2000 to Rs 10000.

Many brands, such as Reymond, Peter England, and Van Heusen, are popular in India and provide readymade suits and clothes at affordable prices. You can choose to buy a suit, and also you can wear it on some other occasions as well.

Cost of Suits

Brand NamePrice
Local BrandsStarting Price Is between Rs 3000 – 4000 /-
Mid Range SuitesRs 4000-6000 /-
Premium Suits Brands Like Black Berrys, Arrow, Zara, ReymondRs 7000 – 13000/-

Formal Shirt and Pants With Waist Coat

If you don’t wanna spend much money on purchasing suits and tuxedos, you can go for a simple formal look in your farewell, such as wearing formal pants and shirts. To make your outfit more attractive, you can wear a waistcoat also.

Bottom wear(Pants) should be of dark color, and top wear (Shirts) should be of light color. Remember that the clothes should be ironed and cleaned for a neat look.

Taking about the waistcoat, you can choose a color such as blue, brown, or black but choose a color that does not resemble you like a waiter.

Cost Formal Shirt and Pants With Waist Coat

PantsRs 700-1500/-
ShirtsRs 500 – 1200/-
Waist CoatRs 1500-2500/-

Kurta With Nehru Jacket

People who don’t want to put on a Western dress at farewell functions can go for Indian attires such as a kurta pajama with a Nehru jacket, as most of your friends and classmate would only choose suits and tuxedos as their first or second priority.

I have checked the price of a complete set of kurta and Nehru jacket sets, and the price is meager if you compare it with the above outfits. This can be an excellent option for wearing in your school/college functions if you have less money.

Cost of kurta with Nehru jacket

The price of the kurta set is ranged between Rs 1700 – Rs 4000. However, if you buy a full set, go for the price above Rs 2000 because you will get low-quality cloth material below this price point.

Girl’s Dresses For Farewell


Same as boys if they choose suits and tux over any other dress for any function. For girls, their priority is saree. Saree is an affordable outfit compared to other dresses that girls mostly wear.

However, the prices of sarees can go in thousands and lakhs but don’t spend too much on school and college functions if you have any reason to wear them again.

You can wear any party wear saree or a traditional one but avoid materials with too much embroidery.

Cost of saree

You can spend a decent amount, like Rs 500 -2000. As in sarees, there’s no price bar as much as you can afford.

Anarkali Kurta

Anarkali Kurta is trendy among teens and women as this traditional dress can be worn at any function. But most girls don’t prefer to wear them in school and academic programs. Because maybe of peer pressure or this is not a proper outfit for such occasions.

This happens because most of your friends wear a saree and you don’t want to look completely different than them. But you can convince 2-3 friends of yours if they have an Anarkali suit and can wear it to the function.

Do not do this if you have been given a dress code to wear, and ask school authorities to change an outfit other than the given one.

Cost Of Anarkali kurta

As I searched on e-commerce sites such as myntra.com, Anarkali kurta costs Rs 1000-4500. And in offline stores, the price range is the same as that of online sellers.

Salwar Kurta.

The most common attire for any girl also most schools in India have a dress code for girls that they have to wear salwar Kurtas after promotion from middle classes.

Also, with this outfit, you will not feel any discomfort or shyness that you may feel wearing a sarees for the first time.

Buying a kurta is also a clever choice because you can wear it daily.

Cost of Salwar Kurtas

Salwar kurta and suits prices are between Rs 800 – 2500.

Which is the Best Dress To Wear In Farewell?

The answer to this question is up to you, as I have mentioned about the various outfits. In this article, it’s entirely up to you what dress you want to wear in your farewell.

In my point of view, you should spend less money on buying dresses for this function as from that money you can buy a needy thing that you want.

School functions are only meant for one day so don’t be pressured about what you must wear, enjoy it with your friends and celebrate the farewell.

Can you rent dresses for farewell?

Many shops in your area provide clothes for rental; you can take them at very low prices for one or two days.

Other things that you should look after at farewell?

Besides dressing up, you must also care about your hair, oral hygiene, and other hygiene before going to a fair well party.

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