7 Crucial SEO Changes To Make On Your Blog In 2023.

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SEO is a dynamic topic. This means that search engine optimization rules change with time, and the content you are reading today on the internet will not be the same after 2-3 years due to rapid changes in search engine algorithms. However, basic SEO rules will always remain the same regarding content creation.

If you want to start a blog or already have one and want it to optimize for the future, these tips are worth reading. Make sure to read it till the end so you won’t miss out on any information regarding this topic.

Create people’s first content.

As a writer, your primary focus should be on creating people-first content. This means your content should be easy to understand and provide spot-on information about what a user is searching on the internet.

The helpful content update, which rolled out in august 2022, briefly covers this topic. The aim of your blog or website, if your share information using it, should provide well-researched, quality, and original content.

If you own a blog, you can remove unnecessary content that is not required and make it good scannable content.

Don’t Mock Your Competitors.

In a recent event, google said that 60% of the content on the internet is duplicate. That means every 6 out of 10 posts on the internet has duplicate content.

That’s what the main problem is. Many new writers create content on their blogs based on what already had been created by hundreds of other people on the internet. They just open the first few ranking contents, make a list, and compile them on their blog.

This is the biggest mistake made by most new bloggers. Due to that, they revert their content to the first place.

Do First-Hand Product Reviews.

First-hand review means you need to buy a product, use it for a specific time and then give your reviews.

Most online product reviews are done using cheap tricks such as e-commerce platforms; users review pics and their content.

This is what google announced in its product review update whenever a blog or website owner writes a review, the images, and its content should be original.

Now, most new bloggers may have questions in their minds about reviewing products they need to buy it. But here I will share three tips using which you can review your products at no or meager cost.

  • Many e-commerce sites give you 7-10 days of product replacement time. You can order products, review them and return them. You can do this 2-3 times a month, but if you do this, often your account may get blocked.
  • You can review digital products such as SaaS software or any website that provides online services.

Improve your page experience.

The page experience mainly consists of three Core Web Vitals metricsLCPFID, and CLS. These three metrics are essential. However, it is pretty tough to maintain these metrics if a blog has affordable hosting and page design.

Keep your website page mobile responsive; friendly text and images should quickly load on a smartphone.

Link Wisely.

Create internal links and focus on external linking whenever you outsource any information from an external site.

Creating Internal links helps search engines to discover your recently published content faster. To do so, you must link your new post with the most popular posts.

External links, however, build or increase trust in your content when taken from a well-reputed source.

Stuffing keywords is outdated.

Keyword stuffing is the biggest mistake that most bloggers make. They think mentioning the keywords repeatedly can make content appear on search engines. But this is ultimately a myth. If you write keywords more than 2-3 times, it will hurt your post.

The best thing you can do is keep your writing natural without using any keywords again and again.

Don’t rely on SEO tools.

SEO tools are deceptive and tell you to use specific word limits, titles, and links rather than relying on them. You just have to focus on creating content that solves a problem, answers a query, or gives information to the readers.

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