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When I was 16 years old, the first signature I did was register myself for the board exams. Then two years later, when I had to open a bank account and there also I did a signature, but I was not earning money at that time my account was inactive, and due to that, I forgot my signature.

So here you will get to read about how I fixed my problem and What to do when you forget your signature?

Visit the institution or office where you have submitted the previous signature that you have forgotten. Submit copies of all original IDs that you have submitted previously by writing a letter in the name of concerning authority to change your previous signature.

You can read further about this topic if you have different scenarios to have detailed information. You can also read about recovering college certificates.

How to fix your problem?

If you have forgotten your signature, this is due to one of the common reasons is you hardly have signed anything after that.

Like most people, when they open a bank account, they forget their signature in 4-6 months. Students who have signed during their exam registration also tend to forget their signature due to inconsistent signing autographs.

What to do if you have forgot your signature?

Here are the steps you need to follow to recover your signature if you have forgotten one.

  • Visit the college, bank or insititution where you have submitted your signature with your certificates and ID proof.
  • Write a letter in the name of principle or vice chancellor or college stating that you have forgot you signature and want a new one.
  • The institution might help you to you see the old signature of yours. It’s up to you weather you should keep that one or change it to new one.
  • It will take atleast a day to change your signature and other day your problem will be fixed.

Sample letter for changing your signature.

Insitutuion name

_____________ (Address)

Date: __-__-____

Subject: Application to Change Signature in ___________ (Specific document)

Respected Sir / Madam,

I, _____________ (Name) have a account/registration/admission _______ (address/name)  _______. I am writing this letter to request you to kindly change my signature in your records _________ due to _________ (reason for change in signature – signature changes over a period of time/ inconvenience in sign due to age /flow of signature changed / old signature / any other).

Your earliest action on the same will be highly appreciated.

Yours truly,

_________ (Name)
_________ (Contact Number)

How often you should change your signatures?

It is recommended to change or update your signature every 1-2 years. If you have good wealth in your bank or if your signature is essential from may business perspective, you should change it infrequently to avoid any forgery by other people.

What happens when you forget your signature?

When you forget your signature, you can get into a couple of problems. The most issues you may face with your bank accounts and education-related documents.

Your cheques won’t encash

If you want to encash a cheque, the signature must match the signature you submitted to the bank. And the person would be in trouble if you have forgotten your signature the bank accuse them if you have given any checks to another person.

Your cant get your results and degree

Another issue you might face when you have forgotten your signature is you can’t get your results and degree certificates even if you are present at the university. So before applying for getting your results and degree certificate, you have to remember the signature you have submitted during the time of admission.

How to keep a simple signature that you cannot forget.

The simplest way to remember your signatures is not to use stylish fonts in your signature. By writing a name of yourself, you can do your signature easily. If possible, you can use cursive handwriting.

Before submitting any signature of yours, make sure to remember these things.

  • Choose a signature which you can do comfortable not one that looks good but it hard for you to do it.
  • Always practice three four times before doing any signature in any documents such as cheques and stamp papers.
  • Make sure you click save an image of your signature while doing it for the first time in any document.

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