Should You Buy Expensive Tech Products From an E-Commerce Site?

These days most people buy products from online platforms. According to statistics, there are 2.14 billion people who shop from e-commerce platforms, 8 billion people across the globe. This is 26.7 % of the total population.

The number I have stated here is because of the concern about e-commerce platfrom and whether it is safe to buy products.

As per my experience, I have been using e-commerce platforms for buying products for eight years, and about 2 out of 10 times, I have been scammed, or I got the wrong product!

But most of the time, the platforms are not responsible; these scams are done mainly by the sellers on the e-commerce platform, not by the leading platform. But from per customer’s point of view, they create a negative image of the platforms.

To avoid these scams, many e-com platforms can quality check the products before shipping and provide open-box delivery to their customers.

Taking about some expensive techs such as smartphones, laptops, or gaming computers, we are often doubtful about whether to buy them from e-commerce sites. But as per the survey, about 70 % – 80% of people buy online products.

So yes, buying expensive products from online platforms is safe, but there are some flaws, done mainly by sellers and third-party delivery services. If these loopholes are fixed, online shopping will be the safest and most convenient platform for online shopping.

Things to check before buying any product online.

Whenever you buy any product, research these things to make your online shopping experince good. Before buying an expensive or small product from online stores, you should look for three main points.

The things that I have listed here are things that I generally check when I have any product. If you have any ideas, you can comment below and share them with me.


I am a little brand conscious and mostly try to buy branded products. But it does not mean that domestic or local products are not good. As too many startups are emerging in various fields, most new brands provide better quality products than branded items. But as a buyer, you have to research them in depth.


The rule is simple: if you go to any online platform and see a product that most people have bought, you can buy that one.

Buyer satisfaction.

Buyer satisfaction can be seen in the reviews and ratings most buyers have given the product. You can read them and decide whether to purchase the product or not. The other thing you can do is search for the product on the internet and see review videos.

I want to clarify that if some prominent YouTubers review the product or influencers try to avoid making the hasty decision, you can search for blogs or watch videos that small YouTubers or normal youtube users have made.

What can you do if you receive any wrong product?

If you receive any wrong product, you can contact the delivery partner or support team of an e-commerce site. Every e-commerce site has Returns Support Center where you can go and follow the steps.

Just type the platform name and “support” to access the page. For example, if you type “Amazon support.” You will land on the support page; the same goes for all other platforms.

Other things you can do is.

  • Opt for open box delivery option.
  • Use the cash-on-delivery option.
  • Return the product immediately if the seal or tags of the products are not there in the box.

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