Students who are all thinking of taking new coaching class admission must read this article to confirm whether they need coaching. Also, here I will discuss who should take coaching and who should not.

Is coaching necessary for competitive exams

So let’s first start with whether you should join coaching classes or not for your competitive exams?

New students who all need guidance and a better environment to study should join coaching classes. Students who have dropped from coaching have an idea of preparation for the exam, so they don’t need it. But before joining any coaching, students must do deep research about it.

Why you need coaching?

This is the first question you should ask yourself if you are a student or a parent sending your child to join coaching classes.

There are some possibilities that you may be thinking of joining coaching classes.

  • You may be not getting the environment to study at your home or where you live.
  • There is no one to motivate you and give clear guidance on what you should study.
  • Coaching classes helps to provide a competative environment that make students study away from their comfort zone.

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Do toppers take coaching?

If you see any competitive exams topper list majority of toppers had joined any coaching classes.

As I have seen in UPSC, NEET, JEE, and other competitive exams, 6 out of ten people have taken admission once to prepare for the exams on an average.

So yes, toppers do take coaching, and Delhi and Kota’s most prominent examples are two of India’s most extensive coaching-providing cities.

Each year millions of aspirants and students go to these two cities for preparation for competitive exams. However, it does not mean that people cannot join coaching classes in other cities in India.

Watch this video to clear your doubts on whether coaching is essential or not?\

Can competative exams be cleared without any coaching?

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There should be no doubt about this, and this is entirely and myth that competitive exams cannot be cleared without coaching.

There are a lot of toppers who had cleared exams by self-studying and without any coaching, so if you think you can remove the exams without any guidance, you can do it.

Here’s how you can study for the competitive exams without any coaching.

  • Do reasearch on your own before preparing for any exam. You can read article and watch several videos.
  • Estimate how much time you will need to prepare for exam generally it takes an year.
  • Make yourown study plan and for the help you can see videos on youtube.
  • See the syllabus and divide it and try to complete 70-80% of syllabus before the three months of exam.
  • Make notes on your own and make it concise and short so that you can study or revise it quickly.
  • Make sure you do alteast 3 revisions before the exams to get a better rank this way you can get sucees without coaching.

Alternatives of coaching?

The best alternative to coaching is self-study. Yeah, I know it’s too obvious, but if you compare self-study of the present time and ten years back, there’s a huge difference, and that thing is the internet.

Ten years back, the internet was not accessible for everyone but now, using a smartphone, you can study or get knowledge of every possible thing you want to know about.

Students used to depend on books and libraries for studying for the exams.

But if you use the internet in the right way, it’s the cheapest source to learn about anything. You can use these things given below to study for competitive exams.

These are the best alternatives for coaching and if you need any personal guidance, you can reach out best teachers in India that frequently use social media platforms to guide students for free.

Just search the exam you want to give and watch 5-10 videos for top, and you will get all of your answers.

Final Thoughts

Now will not tell you not to join any coaching institute for the preparation of your exams. But make sure do you need it and worth it.

Just don’t blindly follow your friends and other people and join coaching classes.

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