Giving a viva exam can be a headache for most of the students. Many students especially who all are the first-timers they are afraid of giving this exam. But don’t worry I also gave this exam and that time no one was there to help me or to give tips that I will be sharing with you today.

How to face the viva exam

How to face the viva exam? To clear any viva exam you should answer to the point , have confidence in you while you give the answers. Also make not to deviate your answers to other topic that you don;t know about. While giving viva exam look in the eyes of the examiner these tips will help you to pass the exam.

That’s not all to know more about this topic in detail I have made out the list of the best tips that you can follow to face your viva exam easily. Let’s look at those tips.

10 Tips To Follow On How To Face The Viva Exam.

These tips that I will share will work for students in schools and colleges and some of them may be used by aspirants who have to give an interview or personality test.

1.Revice To The Depth.

Before you face your viva exams you have to revise the topics in detail. Gen-rally the examiners ask students questions related to current issues.

Examiners will ask common questions first then they will go deep in the topic. And for that, you also have to be practical also. Here I will give you an example and I remembered about my biology viva test in my 1st year of college.

So this is is how question was asked to me? And how should you give an answer?

Examiner Que 1:- “ What Is a Protein?”

Answer:- “ Protein is a biomolecule which helps us to build muscle. It contains amino acids which improve the structure and function of the body.”

The second question the examiner asked me about was the…

Examiner Que 2. ” Name the protein-rich foods?

Answer:- Dal, Pluses, Fish, Meat, Soyabean etc.

Examiner Que 3. ” What will happen if we don’t take protein“?

Answer:- “If we don’t take protein we will lose muscle, and our body weakens and due to that it can impact the vital organs.”

Example for how questions is asked in the viva exams.

So now you understand why you should should study in deep. Although this was an easy question but many students also leave this common things.

2.Know What To Study.

Students especially the high school students try to read everything before the viva exam. This is the biggest mistakes they make.

You have to know what to revise and what to leave because in school and collage the marks of viva exam are between 20-30 marks not more than that. And Examiners hardly will ask you 5-6 question 2-3 more if you answer all of them.

Things you will have to study which may be asked in the viva exam.

  • Definitions.
  • Terminology.
  • Inventor Name, Auther Name Or Poet Name.
  • Date.

Other than that you can skip revising other things such questions which contains

  • Mathematical Equations.
  • Derivation.
  • Long Answers.

Mostly the teachers will ask question-related to day to day life. So stop wasting your time reading long answers before the viva exams.

3. Skip The Answers You Don’t Know.

Rather than giving wrong answers in viva exam you can skip the answers you don’t know about.

If you give wrong answers or lame answers the examiner may ask you more counter questions regarding the topic and giving too much wrong answers can lower your impression in the eyes of examiner.

So instead of giving wrong answers you can just tell the examiner that you don’t know the answer and skip to the next question.

This will not only save the time of examiner but also it will beneficial for you as you may get more questions by the examiner.

4. Give Answers To The Points.

Keep your answers short and sweet because the examiners will like and also as I told you in the above point this will save your and their time.

If you give lame answers or try to make wrong answers from your own then examiners will not be impressed by you and they will ask you to leave quickly.

So give answer up to the point and don’t makeup stories while telling your answers in the viva exam.

5. Show Cofidanace While Giving The Answers.

The examiners in the viva exam may check your confidence level also because they want to know whether you have deep knowledge about a particular topic or not.

You need to show confidence while giving the answer also while telling them don’t hesitate in front of the examiners.

If you do this your chances of getting good marks will be more. Also make sure the examiners try to trick you by giving some wrong questions so you have to deal with them.

For example:-

Trick question:- What was the year when ROBERT BROWN discovered the cell?

Actual Question:- What was the year when ROBERT HOOKE discovered the cell?

Trick questions ASKED by the examiner in the viva exam?

As you can see in the above question any one can easily confused when this type of question is asked to you. Because both the question belong to the same chapter and subject.

Actually Robert Brown discovered the  Nucleus of a cell in (1773-1858) and Robert Hooke Discovered the cell in 1665. So be attentive whenever these types of questions are asked to you.

Read them:-

6. Try To Include Example With Your Answers.

Using examples with every answers will you advantage to get high marks. Only few students from your class will use examples with every answer.

And if you do this the examiner will be impressed by you also he will think that you have really understood the topics and read it deeply.

However don’t use too many example in one answer. You can use one or two example to support your answer more than that is no required.

The students from science background should always use examples in each of their answers not only in the viva but also in written exams.

Make sure your examples should relate with daily life problems or how wen use them on a daily basis.

7. Don’t Read Anything New On the Viva Day.

A day before the exam is very important as most of the students want to read everything for their viva exam but as per my recommendation you should not do that.

Many people have a habit of studying a day before the exam but this can give stress to you. As most of you will not agree with me but this is purely your decision.

If you study or read new books there are chances that you will get confused while telling the answers in the viva exam.

Instead, a day before the exam or on your exam day keep your mind cool and don’t read some new because if you do that you will have to revise it and that will take time.

You can take rest or get some sleep before an exam day this will keep your mind fresh and you can tell answers with more confidence.

8. Discuss With Friends.

There is a possibility that examiners will repeat a particular question or ask the same questions to some students.

Viva exams are taken on the basis of roll numbers of the students and there is a chance that questions may be repeated by the examiners. So you can ask 5-6 friends of yours.

Hardluck for those who’s roll numbers comes at first they don’t have choice except giving the answers.

9. Be Practical.

Your answers should contain a practical examples which can be used in daily life and should not contain any hypothetical answers.

Try to be creative while telling your answers to examiners and give examples that you may use in your daily life.

Also, don’t go for the bookish languages too much as examiners expect a simple and extraordinary answer.

10. Don’t Be In Hurry.

You are anxious or nervous you may give answers in very hurry which will either make you look lame or you will get less marks.

Also, the answers coming out can be wrong because the things you do in hurry can be an embarrassment in front of the teachers.

Keeping yourself calm can help you a lot while giving the answers. Because you can give more quality answers to examiner also doing fewer mistakes will give you great benefits.

11. Look In The Eyes While Giving The Answers.

While you face your viva exams the thing which you should not forget is don’t lose confidence and always look in the eyes of the examiner.

Many students have discomfort to do this as they cannot match their eyes with others.

Actually you don’t have to look in the eyes direct just focus on the center of their nose of above the nose between the eyes. This way you can also tell answers to felma;e examiners as well.

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