The heating of electronic products is a common thing. But when the products start to overheat from there, the problem begins.

In this post, you will know everything about the Wi-Fi routers overheating problems and how to fix them?

So do Wi-Fi routers overheat?

Do Wi-Fi routers overheat

Wi-Fi routers overheat on very rare and some common conditions such as:-

  • If there’s any problem in the adapter which causes uneven flow of current in the routers result in overheating.
  • Routers can aslo overheat if the internal parts come under the contact of any liquid.
  • Placing routers above any other electronic device such as set-of-box, gaming consoles and sound systems can result in overheating.
  • If the temperature around the router is more it can cause heating issues too. This happens during extreme summer seasons.
  • Dust particles enter the router also can be a main factor of heating up the routers. This is maily caused due to not cleaning the router frequently.
  • If your router is old then due to wear and tear also they tend to get heat up.

What causes router heatup?

Inside any router, there are many components do if any one of them is not working properly it may lead to overheating of the router.

Routers most commonly overheat when the processing power becomes too high. This happens when too many users are connected to a single device, and CPU utilization becomes higher.

There’s an increase in internet users nowadays. To avoid having issues with routers, you can purchase dual-band routers that support users in two figures if you don’t have one.

How to know whether your router is overheating or not?

Certain symptoms can make you notice that your router having problems, such as overheating.

  • Slow connection speed that your current plan.
  • Frequent connection drops.
  • Plastic odour from inside the router.
  • Blinking of lights.
  • Frequent On/Off.

How to fix the router overheating problems?

Do Wi-Fi routers overheat

If your router overheats too much, then here’s how you can fix the problem easily.

  • In your area if the electricity goes off frequenly or there’s low voltage then you can use an electric stabelizer to give a proper flow of electricity to your devices. However Wi-Fi routers runs on low electricity compared to other devices but using it without an voltage stabelizer for long can cause problems such over heating too.
  • Check the power cable of adapater if there’s any cut or not this can result in short circut and heating issues. You can use electric tape to cover the exposed wires.
  • Cleaning the routers if it’s been while since you purchased it for this you can just open up the router and use a brush or can off compressed air to remove the dust.

Here you can buy dust cleaner for your computers and other accessories from amazon.

  • Keep your routers near a open place to maintain it’s temperature and airflowi is proper. if you keep in any closed space suchs showcases ,cabinets ,sleves or above any other device it will heat more.

Should you switch off routers frequently?

I personally use Wi-Fi all day, and it’s been months since I turned off my router. It only turns off when the provider cuts power during maintenance; otherwise, I don’t turn it off each day.

So, In my opinion, you don’t have to turn off the Wi-Fi routers frequently, but if you face some of the problems given, then you should do it.

  • If you are not getting good internet speed.
  • If there’s no internet connectivity.
  • If green or some other color light is no blinking.

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Can routers catch fire due to overheating?

A router can rarely catch fire. It may shut down or not work but catching fire is out of the box.

However, if you kept your router near other devices, the chances may increase of catching fire.

Does it cause any issue with internet connectivity when the router heat up?

If your router overheats, the first thing you may notice is a decrease in the internet speed, as this is due to any damage to the internal part. Due to that, all the components in the routers are not working properly.

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