Experts who recently joined Chegg or are willing to join this platform may be confused about Chegg payment per question.

But if you google it, there’s no accurate information about payment per question with subjects or how you will get paid for solving the particular subject questions.

But here, I did deep research and wrote this article to help you out!

How much does Chegg pay per question?

Chegg experts get paid between Rs 75 to a maximum of Rs 197 per question. The pay rate for subjects which require basic knowledge like maths, chemistry, physics, biology is between Rs 75 – Rs 100. And the pay rate for subjects such as computer science, engineering, and life science is between Rs 100 – Rs 200, which required higher knowledge.

Here’s the complete table for Chegg payment per question. But as in some of the subjects, I did not find the exact rate that Chegg pay’s to experts. So if you people have any about that, please feel free to share them in the comment section.

Subject Wise Chegg payment per question.

Subject NamePayment per question
Accounting Rs 100 Above
EconomicsRs 149
FinanceRs 100 Above
Operations ManagementRs 100 Above
Chemical EngineeringRs 168
Civil EngineeringRs 168
Computer Science EngineeringRs 189
Electrical EngineeringRs 168
Advanced PhysicsRs 168
BiologyRs 87
ChemistryRs 97
PhysicsRs 85
Advanced MathsRs 168
Basic MathsRs 80
CalculusRs 97
Statistics and ProbabilityRs 140
Anatomy and PhysiologyRs 90
NursingRs 90
PsychologyRs 90
Earth ScienceRs 90
Subject Wise Table For Chegg payment per question.

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Does Chegg increase payments rate with time?

As per my personal opinion, chegg has not increased any payments for chegg experts till. But as per inflation is concerned it will increase in future if the students paid subscriptions is increased.

What is the least and highest-paid subject in Chegg?

The least paid subject on Chegg is basic maths, for which experts get 80 rupees per question to solve, and the highest-paid subject on Chegg is computer science, for which experts get Rs 189 per question. But remember one thing the lesser the payment per question, the easier the subject will be.

What is Chegg Payment Structure?

Chegg payment structure is straightforward. To make it more understandable for you, I have mentioned it in bullet points below.

  • Chegg pays you every 15th of the month. Means your amount will be credited to your bank account each month on a date between 15th to 20th.
  • Chegg sends payments thru the means of NEFT.
  • Chegg cut 10% TDS (Tax deduction at source) on every question. You can easily get it back if your income is not taxable.
Chegg payment per question
Payment structure if chegg.

What if you don’t get payments from chegg on time?

If you don’t get payments from chegg on time, then there’s nothing to worry about. The deadline for getting payments on your bank account is up to 21th of each month.

This is why banks take time to do transactions due to long holidays or any technical issues.

But still, if your amount is not credited to your bank account, then you can follow these steps to get your chegg payment.

Steps to get payment from chegg if it is not credited in your bank account.

  • Open this link.
  • This is the link of Chegg official. In here, you have to submit a ticket.
  • Later you will get a response mail from the Chegg team.
  • Follow their instructions, and then your problem will be solved.

Do you have to pay taxes on Chegg earnings?

The answer is, how much have you have earned per month? If your earning is Rs 40,000 to Rs Rs 50,000 per month, yes, you have to pay taxes according to the normal tax slab rules made by the Government Of India.

What if you get less money than the given pay rate of chegg?

If you have received less money than the given pay rate of chegg, in that case, you should contact the support team or the coordinator of your account on chegg. You can do this by checking your e-mail address on chegg.

Each month experts get an e-mail before the payment is made to check if any of the information is wrong that you have given. You will generally receive the mail 2-3 days before the payment is initiated.

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