Many UPSC and other exam aspirants question whether they should be selected as civil servants if they have a tattoo on their body and have a question in their mind Can IAS Aspirants Have A Tattoo?

For IAS, any service like IPS, IRS, IFRS, and IFS follow the same rule that UPSC publishes. But there is no mention or rule has been made that IAS and other UPSC aspirants cannot have or have a tattoo with them.

So I researched this topic and got into deep as there were only user-generated answers like forums etc. I had to go to some government websites as well to know in detail.

Can IAS Aspirants Have A Tattoo?

IAS aspirants and civil service aspirants can definitely have a tattoo on their body parts except for the face, finger, forearm, and other parts, which are generally visible. Tattoos with relation to any tribe or culture are permitted, and having a tattoo, in general, can harm your personality or get you into trouble entering the services.

To know more about this topic, I have mentioned what kind of tattoos a person should have and who should not. Also, you will read what IAS aspirants can do if they have a tattoo with them.

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Who all can have tattoos?

The aspirants who belong to any tribal area may get have a tattoo at an early age. I have seen many pictures on the internet and also near villages women mostly have tattoos. They call it gond, and they belong to the baiga tribe.

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So mostly tribal people have the practice of getting a tattoo. And that too, especially women from the tribe they mostly found to have a tattoo with them.

Here is a list of tribes that can have tattoos.

  • The Gonds Tribe:- Central India
  • Mundas Tribes:- Jharkhand
  • Dhanuks Tribes:- Bihar
  • Korathi Tribes:- Tamil Nadu
  • Apatani Tribes:- Arunachal Pradesh
  • Singhpo Tribes:- Assam

These are some common tribes of India who all can have a tattoo. And they are also allowed to give the exam.

But that does not mean that only tribal people are allowed to have tattoos. It can be anyone who can have it. For example, many people have a tattoo of religious signs and gods, which is totally allowed in the civil services.

What to do if you have a tattoo?

As I have mentioned above the tattoos should be related to any religion and culture. But try to avoid it if you are serious about this exam. You should know that once you have got a permanent tattoo, it is tough to remove them.

People who got tattoos from an early age can do two things.

Hide it: If you cleared all the written exams of UPSC and the only interview is left, make sure you wear the clothes that can cover your tattoos properly.

Men should not wear half sleeves shirts, and women should avoid half sleeves Kurti, and you are wearing a saree and go for full sleeves blouse.

Remove it:- You need to hide your tattoo not only in the interview but for a long period of time from your senior officers as well. If you have a permanent tattoo is by laser removal.

What if in medical test the examiner find a tattoo?

There are no such rules that a person who cleared the UPSC exam should not have a tattoo. So once you clear any government exam before joining, they do a medical test.

If they find any tattoos, they won’t do anything. It means tattoos are allowed.

To know more how medical test in UPSC is performed know from an expert. You can watch the below’s video about how is a medical test taken?

Is there anyone in the civil services who got a tattoo?

Yes, there are some people like IAS and IPS who got tattoos according to the below photographs.

These pictures are from angel tattoos. We don’t own any of the images above.

In these pictures, you can see two civil services officers. The first one is the IPS officer, and the second one is of IAS officer.

can a IAS aspirant have a tattoo
Image From :
Can IAS Aspirants Have A Tattoo
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Jobs in which tattoos are completly prohibited

Apart from the defense jobs, there are no such rules in any government job that one cannot have a tattoo. So if you got any tattoos and preparing for defense jobs, you will not be selected for any of the job roles.

The final Thoughts

As per my opinion, after looking at the images, if you have joined as a civil servant in any of the departments, it’s better to ask some people before having a tattoo. You can join many groups on social media to take suggestions for having a tattoo.

Although, as I have said, it’s better to have a tattoo when it is not visible to others in the service, And if you are making it just to show off people, then you can face some criticism by the people, mostly your seniors the rest is your decision.


Can civil servants get a tattoo being in the job?

Well, there is no such rule that a government employee can not have a tattoo. But before having it, you should ask your senior officers and don’t make it on the visible parts such as hands and fingers.

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