One of the most important electronic gadgets “Laptop” is commonly used by the students. In this article, I have included all the possible reasons for getting a laptop. So why students need a laptop during your school and college life.

Why Students Need a Laptop

I’ve got my first laptop when i was 16 years of age. Back then my parents was not convinced that i should get a laptop but i got my Hp laptop and i am still using it. It has helped in many ways and solve lot of technical problems for me. let’s see why you need one.

Laptops help students to solve their education-related issues. Students can study online, make their projects and assignment ready, prepare their digital notes, and save it on the cloud to use it for their further studies. That’s why students need a laptop.

With this article my intention is to help you to guide wheather you should get a laptop or not. If yes why should you get it and if no then why should you not.

Why only a laptop?

Smartphone users do a lot of stuff nowadays with their phones. I know technology has become too advanced now that some smartphones have better hardware and software specifications than laptops.

Desktop Pc users will also have confusion in their minds that why should they buy a laptop. A desktop will always have more power and configuration than any other laptop because of easy assemblies of its hardware.

Laptops are very famous among the students as the age group between 15-30 buy this gadget more. Students prefer laptops to use more often because it portable, they can take it anywhere such as school, library, college, etc.

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The other thing is that students use their laptop for long hours which is hardly possible on a smartphone or a desktop stting at the home.

Uses Of Laptop For Students

For Online Studies

The most important use of a laptop for a student is for studying online. As you may aware that the use of the internet is getting increased and due to that people can do whatever course they like now.

People can learn anything they want from coding to humanities in just one click. So fo all those educational related purposed I think laptop is a great option to go for.

For Making Assignments and Projects.

When my friend was doing his MBA he uses to make too many presentations for his class. Due he was not able to make his presentation that much attractive he use to borrow my laptop or even come to my home for making his assignments.

If i would have a desktop it was not possible for me to go to his home for helping him in his presentations.

For Earning Money

If you have any good knowledge of design or programm you can make money with your laptops. Here are some tips that you can earn money with your laptop.

  • Editing Photos Of others in photoshop.
  • Making Websites.
  • Writing Blogs.
  • Playing Online Game Tournaments.
  • Doing Freelancing.
  • Giving Online Tutions.
  • Making Youtube Videos.

There are endless possiblities based on your skills that can help you to earn with your laptop.

If you have any other tips realted to this topic please share below in the comments secction.

Positive Points of Using a Laptop.

Big Screen

Due to bigger screen size laptops are best for studying online. Unlike smartphones and Desktop Pc, t has some better features.

Usually, hen we watch an online video let’s say a lecture on the oratory system on phone. There are more chances that it will damage your eys due to smaller screen size if you use it on a daily basis.

The desktop even has bigger screens but it’s not possible for you to study every day. What if your relatives or neighbor comes into your house to chat with your mom. So desktops should be avoided t buy if you don’t have personal or separate rooms.


Nowadays there is too much verity in the laptop to choose from for a student. You can take laptops from 10000/- to even 500000/- Rs. Depending upon your type of usage.

But if you just want a laptop for the normal purposes for daily use then you can set your budget between 20K to 30K Rupees. In this budget, all your fulfillment will be done.

For those who like movies, gaming, and editing they can set their budget at the higher side from 50K and above.

If you want a simple laptop with a small 14 inches with the simple android OS you can go for it in the budget 10K to 20K.

Internet Usability

A laptop has capabilities to catch wifi signals better than smartphones. Also if the signal is weak you can increase and decrease the distance between the routers.

Other than that you can use internet data cards to use internet on your laptop as they have plug n play option so you directly pulg the USB stick and use internet wherever you want.

Wheras most desktop pc dn’t have a wifi adapter and you may need to buy them saparatly.

Finished product

If you buy a laptop now you just have to select the variant just pay a particular amount and you are ready to go with it. On the same time if you thought of buying a desktop pc you may need to buy speakers, keyboards, mouse, wifi adapters all separate.

Also i figured out the price in my nearest shop of both Laptop and Desktop.

One of the dell laptop prices with i3 10 gen Processor, 8gb Ram DDR4 was priced at around 40k.

And at the same price point, Lenovo desktop Pc was there but with no accessories such as the keyboard, mouse, wifi adapters, etc.

So know you may have aware of why should you buy a laptop if you are a student to prevent you from buying unwanted products.

Negative Points Of using a Laptop

If there are some positive points there will be some negative points to balance.

Laptops are delicate

Laptops have sensitive parts such as monitors, optical disk drive which can be easily damaged if used rougly. Similarly in bigger laptops Eg:- 16 inch one’s are more delicate to use.

Laptops are not waterproof and dustproof so you have to clean it several time if you use it out side more.

Playing Games is costly.

If your one of those people who is gamer and tend to play lot of games on your laptop than you should read this point carefully.

For a gaming pc’s you can invest about 50K-60K Rupees to build it also flagship consoles such as PS4 Pro and and Xbox come under the price point of 50k rupees.

But best gaming laptops such Acer Predator With i5 Processor coomes between the price points of 74K which is too much costly if you just take for playing games.

Hardware is costly

In Desktops, the physical parts such as Ram and graphics cards can easily be changed without any professional help. But on laptops you cannot do the same because the components here are too small and you can damage other parts if you do it by yourself.

As you cannot change the graphic cards on laptops because it comes preinstalled when you purchase. whereas on the desktop you can change it whenever you want.

Right Age to get a laptop?

So what age should you buy a laptop if your are parent or for yourself self if you are a student?

As per the small kids are concerned you should buy a laptop if your kid is below 8 years old. And if you are a student once you reached to 7th or 8th class you can buy a laptop for your children. But don’t let them overuse it for more than 2-3 hours daily.

As a student, if you need a laptop you can ask your parents to buy it right after once you graduated from high school (10th). As more and more online teaching is used by people nowadays laptop is a must for you. In the same way knowledge about computers and technology should be given to each and every one of us so that we can use.

Should schools provide laptops for students ?

There are some government schemes in which they provide laptops to students who study in government colleges for free. But due to poor specifications the users either sell it to other or they give it to their family members to play with it.

Some private colleges provide good laptops when the students take the admission in their campus bot the fees is too much high there.

In school, the use of laptops and smartphones has not been applied yet. As we all have use books and textbooks to complete our education in school and college both.

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Before buying any laptop first research littlebit on the internet. I did almost 1 month of reasearch to buy my first one. Then i finally got my first laptop. Therefore please take the right decision before buying the product so that you may not regret ot later.

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