Why students Cheat

Cheating in exams is not a new thing. Almost 90% percent of the students in their school or college life at least cheat once. But why do they do this? Why do students cheat?

The main reason students cheat in exams is because of fear of failing in exams. Also, a major reason is peer pressure from family and relatives, who all have many expectations from a student. Other than that, many people have family responsibilities, and at any cost, they have to complete their education.

Ok, so things you are going to read are my personal opinions and what I have observed in these many years of school and college life. So some of you will relate to it, and some won’t.

Fear of failing.

The most common reason why students cheat in exams is fear of falling into it.

So if you fail in a particular class, you will not be promoted, and the whole one year of yours will be a total waste. Also, your friends will become seniors to you will make fun of you at some point in school days.

This is why students start cheating in exams.

This happens mostly in lower classes which is between class 5 to class 8th. As most of the students are young and they don’t have much maturity.

However, nowadays schools don’t fail students as governments have made many laws till they reach higher classes.

Peer pressure.

Our father and mother have a lot of expectations from us, especially in the field of education. But not every child is bright, and someone has to be that last one.

But the problem is that no one wants to be that person, and due to that, in exams, they cheat to make their parents happy.

Alongside, some students cheat because their friends do the same. Imagine a class in which 30 out of 50 students cheat. Wouldn’t you do the same!

Peer pressure is the main reason why students cheat without thinking about what is right or wrong.

Family responsibilities.

Most boys have to take responsibility for their family once they complete their education, but nowadays, even girls do the same if they are single children.

But how is this connected to cheating in exams well? In simple words, family responsibilities create pressure among students, and they end up cheating in exams?

Mostly this is seen among students who belong to middle-class families. I can say so because I personally did this many times during my school days.

I know cheating is not a good option, but what can you do if there’s nothing left to do? Would you write anything in the exam?

To become popular.

Some students cheat in exams just for fun or to look cool in class.

They can bring books, paper cutouts, and even phones to google the answers from the web. I had seen this personally when I was in my first year of college.

But these types of people have a higher chance of getting caught by the authorities. So don’t even try this in your class during exams.

Because this is one of the most foolish next-level ways to cheat in exams.

I mean, for once or twice, you can ask for a hint or answer from other students, but doing silly things to cheat in exams to be popular will make a joke of you only.

To get a degree/certificate.

Students who just joined the school or college to get a certificate don’t worry about cheating in exams.

They don’t care about education or knowledge, but their real motives are to get a pass at any condition in exams, so the option they take is cheating in exams.

Most people who do this are not students. They just want a passing certificate because either they need a job or want to get promoted from their current job.

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