Why Students Are Not Satisfied With Online Learning

From the past few years, the trend of online learning has picked up the quick growth. But there are some positive and negative thoughts among the people related to online learning.

Taking about India or any developing countries the concept of online learning has not been accepted by all the students here. There may be many reasons let’s see them below.

So why students are not satisfied with online learning? Students who all are first-timers may struggle in adjustment, face network connectivity issues, have poor knowledge about tech, financial issues may be the reason why students are not satisfied with online learning.

Agree or not E-learning is the future but there are some problems that students face while learning online. Lets take a look in details about those things.

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1. Struggle in Adjustment

I don’t if I am lucky or not but I never used online sources to study. I just did my graduation last year in B.sc and hardly used online medium to study except a few videos I saw on some topic of biology.

So, students, those who have the habit of studying in the classroom need time to adapt themselves to the modern ways of education. As the experience of both is entirely different from each other.

Many educational institutes use a custom made Content Management system(CMS) which results in confusion. As every institution nowadays is in competition with each other due to that they make an entirely separate software from each other. And this may be the reason why students struggle in online learning classes.

2. Network Connectivity

Most students face network issues or lag during learning online. This not only ruins the experience of learning but also students get distracted by this. In the end, they stop watching the classes or their interest slowly dissolves by the time.

Students living in the remote areas may face a lot of difficulties as they may have the problem 4G LTE connections and fiber optic internet support which is much need for online class and E-learning nowadays.

Another reason is that the remote places which are near the rivers can get affected due to the floods or any natural calamities which result in a poor network of the Internet.

3. Knowledge About Tech

In my house, almost everyone knows how to operate a smartphone but if I talk about computers there are only a few of them. But not everyone knows how to use a smartphone if they never got one.

So this can be the reason due to which a student feels dissatisfaction when they learn online. Most students with a poor financial background feel this when they use ant gadget for the first time.

Not every student and their families are capable to buy a smartphone in quickseconds they have to cutoff the budget and manage to buy a phone to use it as whole for a family.

But things are changing now as the government tries to provide free smartphones to students for free.

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4. Poor Training Of Teachers

As the world is moving towards the digital revolution. People should get trained with detailed knowledge of the technology they use.

Taking about the online learning here if proper training is not provided to the teachers the students will al not take interest in the classes.

Before any educational institute or training center go for their first online class they should take online training or make yourself engaging while teaching others.

Due to this reason we students can not pay attention or easily get distracted if the video is not to engaging. This is the most common reason that people leave their online classes.

5. Fees

As per the present conditions due to the COVID-19 crisis almost every educational institute teaching its students by online source.

But the schools and colleges are taking the same amount of fees which they were used to take in regular offline schools. In that particular amount, they have included all the expenses as well like their rents, electricity and other bills.

This is not ok as they are teaching using online videos either they can half the amount or take fees according to their service as they provide.

Even some schools do not have a proper Learning Management System and because of that, they platform like youtube to teach. I don’t have any problems with youtube but if they are taking money from us they should provide us the premium services.

6. Time Issues

Managing time for students is a big issue and with online learning, more problems are created. Because especially the first-timers they can hardly understand anything about what they see on the videos.

Also students have to look after the time and need to get prepare for the classes with necessary materials to make notes while watching the videos.

Learning online is not like a offline classes as the school because in this there is no pressure among the students. They may not take online classes seriously like the offline ones’s and due to that they may miss one or two classes.

7. No Company

When we study in school with our friends and classmates there is pressure or fear among the students to study. But this cannot be seen in online learning classes as there are no friends or positive peer pressure for you.

Due to this sometime students enroll for the online courses but they never complete it and quickly give up.

If you can find your friend or anyone that has enrolled in the same course it will be better for you to study online because by this you can compete with each other.


Online education is the future to imply this the traditional education system has to be changed and the use of technology is to be practiced. With proper training of teachers and students, online learning can achieve lot of success among the students.

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