Why Pens Leaks

If you are frustrated with your leaking pens that ruin your clothes with stains and spoil your other items in the bag, this is the right place to get all of your answers. But before that, in general, you should know why pen leaks?

Pen leaks because of two main reasons. The first one is a rise in temperature as it melts the ink inside the refill, which results in pen ink leakage, and the second one is because of manufacturing defects or if you use the pen with high force and pressure, which results in leaking it from tip or bottom.

However, there are other things that you should know that result in pen leakage due to your own mistakes. Let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Using a pen with too much force.

Using a pen with too much force can increase the capillary action, resulting in more ink flow towards the paper’s surface.

Applying too much force on paper cab damages the tip of the pen, resulting in ink leakage.

If you don’t believe me try this with a gel pen or fountain pen to see the effect quickly.

Just keep the pen on the paper by applying force on it with increased time increase force. You will notice that ink flows towards gravity at a much higher speed by doing this.

Rise in temperature.

As you were aware, with the increase in temperature, the molecules expand, which results in the expansion of the area.

The same thing applies to ink. As the temperature increase, the ink also moves towards the tip or bottom, making it leak.

The temperature rise can occur due to keeping the pen in sunlight or contact with the body.

Spinning the pen.

Most students have a habit of spinning the pen while solving any problem or having free time. I know this is common, but doing so can make your ink spills from the sides.

Ink leakage occurs when you spin the pen as a certain force on them, resulting in ink leakage.

Broken Tip

Pen tips that are broken are also the main cause of why pen leaks. Due to the presence of the tip, only the ink is stable and does not leak, but if the tip is once broken, it can easily come out.

Here is some main cause of why pen tip breaks.

  • Using pen without its cap.
  • If the pen falls on the ground by the tip.
  • Keeping heavy items on your pen.
  • Putting too much pressure while writing.

Manufacturing defects.

Manufacturing defects cannot be controlled but by the company itself. You cannot control it while buying a pen. You should at least check it twice.

Types of pens and their cause of leakage

Ballpoint pen

The ballpoint pen does not leak easily, but if the weather is too hot and you keep it in your shirt’s pocket or bag, it may leak due to increased temperature.

Gel Pen

Gel pens can easily leak as the ink is thinner than ballpoint ink. As this is water-based ink, it can easily be leaked if you apply pressure on it.

Fountain Pen.

Fountain pens are more venerable to pressure and movement. If you have seen an ink fountain pen, then you will understand more quickly. The ink is thin in nature, and if it falls from a height, it tends to leak ink.

Solutions to fix pen leaks

When your pen leaks, it causes certain damage, such as putting ink stains on your school bags, clothes, books, etc. To not let it happened, you can do some of the things that are given below.

Keep it away from heat

Keeping your pen away from heat will fix 70%-80% of your problems as mostly pen leakage occurs due to keeping it in the heat. Mostly in the summer season and if you keep it pocket for a long period of time.

From my personal experience, the pen that leaks is mostly the cheaper ones that are locally made to avoid pen leakage problem always try to buy a branded pen.

Use a pencil or compass box

Using a pencil or compass box will fix the problem of pen leaks and keep your materials in one place as many of us, including me when I was in school, do not have a habit of using a compass box.

Keep pen in right position

Most people make mistakes when keeping a pen, as the correct way to keep a pen is its cap should always be on the top, or the pen’s tip should always be in up position.

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Which type of pen leaks most?

Gel pen and fountain pen leaks commonly because of water. Their ink is made of water-based ink.

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