Why Indian Students Study Abroad

In comparison to developed countries, India’s education system is very different. As a result, many Indian students study abroad. However, education is not the only factor that drives people to travel to other countries; there are other important factors as well. In this article I have tried to put all the information about why Indian students study abroad?

Students study abroad for a variety of reasons, including the ability to switch subjects, gain practical knowledge, explore the cultures of other communities, find better job opportunities, and advance their career graph.

Let’s dive deep and understand reasons briefly why Indian students study abroad!

Option to change subject

In India you have to choose a particular subject after class 10th and once you do that there’s no turning back and changing the subject.

Whereas in countries like the USA and Australia, there’s a variety of subjects that one can choose from. This one particular reason make students study in another country.

As in India, our society doesn’t appreciate people who go for any other stream in education apart from Science, Commerce, and law. As per my own personal experience, I am telling you this.

Practical Approach

Schools and collages in India put much more effort into theoretical education rather than putting effort into a practical approach.

Whereas in other other countries the institution put effort on making students educating thru with practical efforts which make them easy to understand concepts.

In other countries the school and teachers itself pay attention towards the experiments and students also come forward to to research and attend seminar from 8th or 10th grade onwards.

While if you compare that with Indian school the only experiment that we use to do is titration and dealing with Vernier calipers.

Lack of infrastructure

Taking about the top colleges of India students only see AIIMS, IIT, IIM and NIT as good collages but due to more competition and lack of seats in India most of the student move abroad to study.

The main reason behind this thing is due to lack of Infrastructure in India as to solve this problem governments need to seek more towards the education and built more top class colleges for students in India.

Research Advantage

In developed countries government and private organizations invest their money on research and development in many education institutes.

An organization like NASA, Apple.inc, Google, Microsoft provides a lot of funding for research in many educational institutes that make the solid reason for students as they study in abroad.

As if they research or find anything new that companies like they get directly hire from the university itself.

Better syllabus

Here i would like to compare the education of India with USA as most of the student from India go there to study.

If you compare the subject load of Indian student to a student it is much like 8th grade cbse student has to deal with 8 to 9 subjects.

Talking about the difficulties about subjects math’s and science have very difficult in India compared to the USA. meanwhile in USA English subject will be hard for those who all are fresher there especially people who are from India.

Career opportunity

As I mentioned in the above points many organizations put huge among of money into foreign universities. Due to this many companies hire students from foreign universities.

Whereas in India the top companies only hire students from top universities such as IIT’s, IIM’s.

Countries Indian students choose to study.

Now you may be thinking about what are the best countries that most Indian choose to go to study abroad and you will be shocked to know that USA is not on the top.

  1. Germany:- Germany is on the top of the list because, according to topuniversities.com, 16 states in Germany do not take tuition fees from students in public universities.
  2. Canada:- Cost of education is very cheap in Canada if you are looking for diploma certificates; this country is best for you if you want to do diploma courses on streams like biotech, web designing, and mass media.
  3. France:- Listening to the name Europe, many people will think it will be too expensive to study here. But if you got admission to any public or government college, it is affordable.
  4. Denmark:- Denmark is a good country for seeking higher education in Europe. This country has good educational institutions and also famous for providing global job opportunities.
  5. Australia:- The best thing is you can easily get a visa to study here, unlike other western countries, which take a lot of time. Also, many part-time job opportunities are there if you need to earn extra money along with that Australian universities are among the top educational institutes in the world.

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