Getting low marks especially in the 12th is a nightmare for every student. But there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Unless you repeat one more year for the class 12th. You may feel bad for a few days about your marks and maybe you can regret it for 2-3 years also.

What to do if you got low marks in 12th class

In this article, my motive is to share my experience with you and teach you about What to do if you got low marks in 12th class. Well, class 12th is the most important class related to our career.

Firstly, you should ask yourself whether you have your preparation with heart or not for the 12th exams. If you have not really done preparation well and got fewer marks then it’s your fate and you have to accept it.

Secondly, If you have done hard work throughout the year and done your preparation well the go for the filling up the forms of Reevaluation or Re-Totalling. Don’t go for wasting your money if you don’t have confidence that your marks will increase.

If you are really confused and want some more clarity that What to do if you got low marks in 12th class then i got some answers for you that may really help you.

If you got low marks in 12th class then you can give a percentage improvement exam, Or Go for Retotalling and Reevaluation. Also, you can consult your parents and teachers to look for a career option with low marks.

Possible reasons why you got low marks in 12th class.

1. Not Being Attentive In the Class

The most student in classes they do not pay attention to what the teacher is saying in the class. In 12th class mostly teachers don’t cover the topics at a much deep level. They only tell the general information of a particular topic due to vast syllabus.

The teachers also tells student about the tips and trick to get high marks in the exam if you don’t pay attention to these little things may you get low marks from others.

2. Projects and Assignment Submission

The weightage of marks of projects and assignments may be less in the overall result. But try to make them as soon as possible and submit on the time.

Also don’t try to copy others assignments and and projects and try to avoid late submissions.

3. Don’t Skip The Practical Classes

Practical classes especially for those who belong to science stream is very important to do. The practical numbers include 20-25 marks out of 100 and which is very easy to get if you pay attention in tutorials given in the practical classes.

4. Taking the 11th class lightly.

As we all know class 10th and 12th are the most important classes in our school life. But after promotion from 10th to 11th classes most students take this class lightly and don’t pay much attention to their studies.

The main cause is because they don’t have a board exam for this particular class. Due to this many students don’t go for tuition that they were attending before in the previous class.

That is why the habit of studying degrades day-by-day and after coming to 12th class mostly students feel hard or take time to be on track with their studies. Due to this may reason why you are also getting low marks.

5. No Revision Less Marks

Without just studying daily you cannot get good marks until you go for proper revisions. The main reason why you get low marks is because of improper or irregular revisions.

Revision not only help you understand the topics deeply but it is also helpful for long term memory so you can hardy forget any topic that you may studied.

What to do if you got low marks in 12th class? (With Examples)

There are many things you can do to improve your marks as well you can go ahead with those marks in your career.

1. Repeat 12th Once Again

You have to take this decision very carefully. As you have to spend your whole one year for this. First of all, you have to consult first your teachers and parents and ask yourself whether you will study or not to get that much marks.

Secondly, if you want higher marks then take admission in a school which follow any state board syllabus. Because as per comparison to national school boards such as CBSE, ISC, ICSE state boards are much easier.

There are Two ways that you can repeat 12th class again.

State Boards:- Most of the students find ISC and ICSE board very hard due to vast syllabus. so if you are from an ISC board and if you got low marks in 12th class then you can change your board and study from the beginning.

Open Boards:- Also you can go for an open board exam if you don’t want to go to school on a regular basis. There are many state open schools and national open school(NIOS) from where you can enrol for the 12th class.

2. What to If you Got More Than 60% Marks?

Getting more than 60% marks in 12th class is i think more than enough. But most students who have secured more than 60% in their previous classes may get depressed if they got this much percentage.

Securing more than 60% is enough for a good career if you want to go for admission in decent private colleges and IIT’s and medical collages via giving entrance exams. But there is a problem for those who want to take admission in universities who take admission on percentage basis.

You can go for the options such as re-valuation and re-totalling if you think that in some papers you got low marks but you performed well in that.

Also, don’t make high expectations as in options in revaluation and retotalling only 10% marks increase means your overall percentage will increase by 2-3 percentage.

3. What to If you Got Less Than 60% Marks?

There is many problems if you have got less than 60% marks in 12th let’s see them one by one.

Before moving ahead let give you some general information about division an percentage.

60 % And AboveFirst (1st) Division
45 % to 59 %Second(2nd) Division
45% and BelowThird(3rd)Division
Below 35%Fail

As i have told you about class repetition you can read that from above. Beside this if you got less than 60% that means you got second division marks and there are many problems related to your higher studies.

Things you cannot do

No Regular College:- There are very fewer chances to get an admission in any government colleges. Because of competition, the cut off in the collages can go up to 80-90% and with less percentage, you cannot get admission here.

The only place you can get admission is in private colleges either with donation or high fees.

Cannot Give Competitive Exams:- Forgiving competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET etc. There are eligibility criteria that are set by the government like the minimum percentage should not below 45% for Sc St and 50% for general.

So if your marks are very much low than you can sit in these exams. However, the only thing is left either to get admission in a private college or to repeat 12th class again.

Things You Can do

Do college in correspondence:- you can get your higher education by taking admission in a local government college. You can study by doing correspondence course as there is no percentage criteria for getting admission.

If your are facing any financial issues or problems then doing collage from correspondence is best for with few thousand rupees you can get your collage degree.

Prepare for other civil services exams: – In most of the Civil services exam there is no minimum percentage rule you just have to be a graduate. So after passing from class 12th you can start preparing for civil services exams.

you will get three years to prepare for the exam which is amazing and i bet if you do this with hard work you can easily clear the exam in 1st attempt.

Learn any new skill:- Nowadays most people can earn money by their talents you can learn new skills which you like and start doing business with it. Here I am talking about the creative arts which may be a Dance, Drama etc.

Go for Business:- After getting low marks in 12th class if you don’t want to study any more then you can go for doing business as your career option. I know this is a little bit risky but if you have a family business than you can learn from your elders.

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