best time to fill the online form

Every student has filled an online form once in their life, and nowadays, it is a common thing as exams are conducted using filling the form first. But most students have to face trouble while filling an online form.

Here, you will learn about various problems students and aspirants face while filling the form and how you can fix several issues. But first, let’s see the best time to fill the online form.

The best time to fill an online form is during the night for several reasons, such as there is low traffic on the website during the night and people mostly fill forms in internet cafes and shops where they work according to office timing.

The highest traffic on most websites is between 10.00 am to 7.00 pm as most people fill forms during these hours.

Why do many websites crash while filling an online form?

As websites are hosted on servers, they have limited capacity to transfer data. If the data requests exceed the transfer limit, the website stops working.

In simple words, if a website is hosted on low-capacity servers and at a particular time, if thousands of people open individual sites, it stops working.

The same thing is observed in banks, as you may have heard about server down issues.

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How to fill an online form?

To fill an online form, you need things like.

  • Photograph – Passport size photgraph required or you can capture it using your phone and compress it between 40kb to 50kb.
  • Signature – Signature is also to be uploaded as photo and size should be kept between 20kb – 30kb.
  • Previous years documents- Keep all the academics documents of previous years to upload f asked in a perticular form.

What to do if you are unable to do transactions or pay fees?

As I have told you above, due to the unresponsiveness of servers, sometimes payments can be failed or can debit from your account but don’t show on the main website whether payment has been done or not.

In such cases, you need to find a transaction ID which you will get from the bank statement or from the website where you were filling the form.

Then you have to contact the authorities who all are conducting exams. For example, if you are filling a form of NEET and you have any trouble, just visit the contact us page of their website. It may take several hours to get a reply, but your problem will be solved.

best time to fill the online form

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Should you fill the form last day?

Filling the form on the last day is not recommeded as in some exams, the exam centers are allocated according to serial wise as per the application is loaded.

Also, there may be server issues, or the website may be down if you wait until the last day of the exam, so don’t wait for long to fill the forms.

What to do if you have submitted incorrect details on your form?

If you have made some mistakes while filling an online, there’s a chance given to aspirants and students to correct their details.

But most exam boards and agencies take money or some amount of fees to do so. The costs can be between 20%-40% of the original fees paid while filling the form.

To do corrections, you need to wait till the last day of the form to be submitted. After that day, a new edit window is open on many sites, and if you don’t find it, you can visit their contact us page.

This post can help students and aspirants fill forms such as NEET, IIT-JEE, UPSC, State board exams, and several competitive exams.

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