Washing school bags is not a common thing as most people do it once or twice a year. But a majority of students don’t even consider washing their school bags. So in this blog post, I will help you out with an easy step-by-step process to wash your school bag.

Wash A School Bag

But why and when should you wash your school bags?

Washing school bags makes them free from dirt, germs and makes them look tidier look. You can wash your school bag before any holiday or during weekends so that it can dry fully. But most students wash their school bags during summer vacations.

Things To Do Before You Wash A School Bag

Take out all the stationary items and book.

This should be the number one priority for removing all the important items before washing the bag.

I am telling this because sometimes we have critical letters or documents left in our school bag, so searching in small pockets should avoid any trouble.

And if your maid or mom is trying to wash the bag, make sure that you check at least once if anything is left inside the bag or not.

Look for any damage.

Look for any damage, such a torn areas and loose end from where the stitches are coming out. If you find any damage to your bag, try to wash it very gently.

Check the zips and pocket.

You can take a look at zippers and small pockets if there’s anything left or not. As I personally use to keep sharpeners and small pencils in their small pockets.

Follow These Steps To Wash A School Bag

Items required for washing a school bag.

  • Warmwater
  • Coldwater.
  • Shampoo packet or any mild detergent.
  • A toothbrush or any small brush with soft bristles.
  • Stain remover.

Steps To Wash A School Bag:-

  • Step 1 :- Wet the bag in warm water for 10 minutes.

You first need to get warm water (temp should be between 70-80  °C). Please don’t use too much warm water; otherwise, it will damage your fabric and fade the material’s color.

  • Step 2 :- If there’s any ink stains or permanent stains remove with the stain remover.

Ink stains are very hard to remove when washing any cloth fabric, but any ink stain remover can easily remove them.

After taking out your bag from warm water, use an ink stain remover to remove the permanent stains from the bag. The best way to remove ink stains is using a dropper to put the chemical where the marks are present.

  • Step 3 :- Dissolve shampoo or detergent in cold water and make a lather.

I personally use shampoo to wash products such as shoes and bags because it cleans dirt much better than any other detergents in the market.

However, if you use detergents such as Tide or Surf excel, you will get the same results as shampoo.

But using shampoo makes much more lather than the detergents and cleans the dirt much quicker.

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  • Step 4 : – Now with help of brush remove the dirt from areas.

Make sure not to rub the brush on those places which have thin plastic because, as you have used water before, it may make it delicate, and it can be removed easily with the brush.

  • Step 5 :- Dry the bag in shade away from direct sunlight.

Always dry the cloth materials in the shade and keep away from direct sunlight. Especially if you have any dark color material, it gets faded when it is dried in direct sunlight.

So I hope that these easy tips would have helped you out when you wash your school bag.

Why should you not wash your school bag in washing machine?

This is my personal opinion if you want to wash your school bag in a machine go for it but remember the most important thing that I observed when my mother put a school bag in the washing machine.

When we wash bags in the washing machine, it really cleans them very well but deforms the structure and padding of the bag.

If you have observed, there’s a foam or padding in the backside of the schoolbags; some bags have it, some bag doesn’t, but it really gives good support if you ride to school on a bike.

So when we wash the school bag in the machine, due to rotation inside the machine, the foam inside the bag break or deforms, and due to that, it does not give you that much support that it used to give it before washing it in a machine.

What types of school bags can you wash?

You can wash almost any kind of school back, which is made up of cloth material. But if you consider a polyester bag, it takes extra effort and time to wash it, but it is washable.

At The End

The things that I have shared my me are my personal opinion. There are other ways as well to wash a school bag. Please let me know if I have shared anything wrong in this post. Also, you can share your ideas in the comments section!.

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