UPSC Books At Low Price

Are you search for buying UPSC books at a low price. Well, the UPSC exam is one of the most popular exams in India. Each year millions of aspirants give this exam, and for that million people, they should have the right study material to clear this exam.

There are many books available in the market for the UPSC exam. There are 4-5 books available for each subject, but you don’t have to buy all the books for your preparation. So how you can get the right books and that too in the lowest price point.

Tips on how to get UPSC books at Low Price.

  • Buy Ncert Books From Official Website.
  • Use Extensions While Buying a Books From Online Source.
  • Buy Second-Hand Books.
  • Order Books From Delhi.
  • Buy Photo Copied Books
  • Search On your Local Shops.
  • Use E-books and Pdf if Possible.

Now you may have got some ideas on how you can buy UPSC books at a low price and save your money. To get in-depth details, you can read further about each topic if you wish.

1. Buy Ncert Books From Official Website.

Many of the UPSC aspirants don’t know, and they buy Ncert books from their official website. We know that the digital copy of Ncert books is free of cost but what they don’t know is they can buy a hard copy from the official website.

Buying from the official website will only save you money, but you will get the original books too. I have read many of the reviews on e-commerce sites.

Steps To Buy Books From Official Ncert Site.

Step 1- You need to go to the official website of NCERT, and as you can see in the image, you have to register yourself on the website to buy books.

UPSC Books At Low Price

Step -2 Don’t get confused in this step. Just accept their policy to move forward. Just make sure that there will be no refund or replacement of the books once you buy them.

UPSC Books At Low Price

Step-3 Now, you will get three options to choose from. Once you choose them add the books into your cart, whichever you want to buy

  • In the first option, you have to choose the type of book to choose “Textbook”
  • In the subtype option choose “English and Hindi”.
  • In the Class option, you have to select the class for which you are buying your book. For example I have added the books from Class 6th to class 12th History.
  • You can add as many books you want but there is wight limit of 10-12 Kgs .
  • Later you can place the order.
UPSC Books At Low Price
Note: Here in the class 8th and class 10th, I have added the Hindi medium books as there were no books available from English medium. The price of Hindi and English books is the same.

Step-4 Once you click on the place order button there. There will be a window where you have to fill in your details. For example- Name, Address, City District, and complete address of your to receive your order.

You will have to pay the postal charges depending upon the size of your order. In my case, I have to 17 rupees more on my total order.

upsc books at low price

Now you know how to buy books from the official website of NCERT. Yet, some people may have compared. This will site like Amazon and Flipkart, and other sites as well.

There is no problem if you buy the books from those sites but beware of people who sell second-hand or used books at new prices at that website.

Price of All Ncert Books

The prices of NCERT books are not more than 200 Rs. You may need 25-30 Books for your preparation of UPSC. So the total cost is between 2500 Rs to 3000 Rs for all NCERT books.

Other than that, please don’t buy the books from any other third-party source as I recommend you to buy them from the official site only.

2. Use Extensions While Buying a Books From Online Source.

Getting the UPSC books at a low price online is possible if you use some extensions while shopping online.

I personally use the Price tracker website to figure out whether the books are available at the discounted price or not. If you use it many times, you can get the books at much lower prices than any other place, online or offline.

To show you how this works, I have taken a book by M.laxmikant. If you are a UPSC or state civil services exam aspirant, this book doesn’t need any introduction. This book is popular for polity and public administration. So let’s check its price.

Follow these steps to check the price of any products of available on the Indian e-commerce site.

  • Step-1 Go to and type the product name on the search bar. Right Click or copy the link using your phone of the product.
  • Step-2 Go to and paste the link you have copied from the amazon site and hit the show graph option.
upsc books at low price

Step-3 As you can see in the graph, the higher the graph, the higher the price of the product. The lower the graph, the lower the price of the product.

On 12 Jun, you can see that the latest edition book of M.laxmikant was only 100 Rs which is the lowest possible price you can get. Now you can get alerts of prices to visit the website, and you will get everything to know.

upsc books at low price

3. Buy Second-Hand Books.

The total cost of UPSC Study material can go up to 10,000 to 15,000 thousand rupees without any coaching. If you buy new books from any online website or even the stationary itself, it can cost you a couple of thousand rupees.

But many UPSC aspirants are not so privileged enough to spend that much money. Even I have bought many second-hand books for my state psc exam.

To buy second-hand books from various websites. But make sure you don’t send money to anyone unless you met them in person and see the condition of the books because these sites are filled with scammers.

Another option to buy second-hand books is Facebook. Many old UPSC aspirants sell or donate books to people for free. But finding them is not so easy so for that, you need to spend some extra energy.

4.Order Books From Delhi.

Delhi is the hub of UPSC Exams and coaching due to that mostly 70%-80% of selected candidates are from here. That’s why the study, materials, and books are cheaper here in Delhi.

If you want to buy UPSC books at a low price from Delhi, you can easily have them just by phone call from several websites.

If you order books from Delhi, hundreds of shops provide books’ home delivery services.

To get more ideas on ordering UPSC books at a low price, watch this video.

Watching this video will help you to get Upsc books at your doorstep. This video.

How much it will cost you to order the books from Delhi

Well, that depends on how many books you generally order; all the UPSC books will come around 5,000 Rs – 6,000 Rs, but the shop owners separate the courier charges.

If you buy photocopy books, you will get in half the price, which is good for those who want to buy UPSC books at a low price.

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5. Buy Photo Copied Books.

This is a great option for those who want to get the books for half the price. You can look for photocopied books and xerox study materials for you. The only price the shop owners and stationary will take is of pages and printing cost.

There are many shops in Delhi and other places that sell this material to the people, but the place is to get it from Delhi, as I have told you above.

Other than that, if you have a printer, you can download the ebooks that you have. Do this with an inkjet printer. It will save you money.

6. Search On your Local Shops.

The best resources are often located near your place, but I don’t remember you noticing it. This happened to me as my city is 300 km away from the state capital, so I had to struggle a lot for state psc books.

I bought some of the books like M.laxmikant Polity and R.S Agarwal’s Aptitude books from amazon as they had the best buy price. But I was unable to find some books about my state history, geography, etc.

And then one of my friends told me a shop name which was selling books at a very reasonable price. So I bought all the books there at a very affordable price.

Before that, I went to several shops that didn’t have the books, but they were willing to order them at full MRP without any discount.

So I bought books after my friend’s suggestion, and I got books at a meager price, so I got a 180 Rs book in only 120 Rs which is very hard to get in big shops.

It would be best if you also researched the study materials and UPSC books at a low cost in your area.

7. Use E-books and Pdf if Possible.

UPSC Aspirants nowadays are depending more on the digital medium. Such as reading news from e-papers, Watching education videos on youtube, and even doing online coaching for UPSC exams.

So aspirants who use smartphones and computers are pretty much aware of the E-books where they can download them and how they have to use them.

Government Apps like E pathshala are best for downloading E-books and learning online.

But for those who are all new to the preparation UPSC, you can download almost every book of UPSC preparation without spending any money. But this will only work for one time or two reading only.

For In-Depth knowledge, you should definitely buy books for UPSC preparation as it now fully depends on the technology.

To help you, I have listed the book which you need for your UPSC exam.

Books Source
Ncert All Books PDFNcert. nic. in
Ncert Tamil Nadu Books PDFLink
History, Indian Heritage & Culture[GS Paper 1]
Ancient India by R.S Sharma
India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra
History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra
India after Independence by Bipan Chandra
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Geography[GS Paper 1]
World Atlas(No Link)
World Geography by Majid Husain
Geography of India by Majid Husain
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Economy[GS Paper 3]
Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh

So the above table contains some links which you can use to directly download books as pdf some of them are free, and some of them take small registration fees. It’s better to spend more than buying books at a couple of rupees.

Can you get UPSC Books For Free?

The clear answer is no, at some point in time, you need to buy some books for your preparation. However, 30%-40% of study materials are free to download over the internet.

Other than that, there are some free websites that I generally use to get free study materials time by time. Here is the list of them.


But that is not sufficient to clear the UPSC Exams. It would help if you made your own notes. Revise them and do many more things, so it’s better to make your budget before preparing for this exam.

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