Generally their are four type of color pens that people use on daily basis. But did you ever figured out why there are different color used by several people and why they used it?

Today in this article, you will get to know about the four main colors of the pen: blue, black, green, and red. Why do people use it, and what that color signifies? Let’s start with the table to make it easier.

Color Of PenUsed ForUsed by
BlueCasual and all-purpose writing.Students and everyone.
BlackRecommended using for legal and official work.Used by officials and students.
Red Remarks, warnings, suggestions, and comments.Used mostly by teachers and professors.
GreenUsed for signatures and giving instructions.Used by the head of any department, gazetted officer. E.g.:- Director or secretory.
Table for color pens, what it is used for and who uses it.

Who can use the blue pens?

Anyone can use blue pens or blue ink pens for writing in every sort of documents. The most common users of the blue pens are students, employees, and everyone who writes.

Blue color pens are used because it gives better contrast in the white paper and enhances the letters and alphabet on the paper.

Students first use a blue color fountain pen when they first reach middle school and later use it till they complete their education.

Who can use the black pens?

Black pens or black color ink pens can also be used for writing on documents but usually considered use for official writing. However, students can use black pens to write on several exams.

But personally, what I have observed is, Black pens are mostly used to write legal and official documents such affidavits and official letters to any government organization.

A person who belongs to any office or those involved in legal matters, mostly lawyers, frequently uses a black pen.

Who can use the red pen?

Red is the color of warning so due to this red pens are used to make remarks, suggestions, and warnings. Red pens are most often used by teachers and professors and other officials that need to mention anything as remark.

Using red pen can mostly seen on exam papers whenever some students has done some mistakes on their sheets. To give instruction on if they went wrong on any answers red pens are used to convey the massage.

Be careful not to use a red pen if you are a student as in school or college it is highly advisable to use only for signature and nothing more than that.

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Who can use the green pen?

Green pens is used to sign documents and write comments on legal documents related to any company or firm.

People who use it are public servants, government servants, ministers and directors of any firms and colleges.

Other common pen colors that people use.

Other than that there are other color pens that are used for making sketches ans art. These pens have multiple colors and anyone can use to make drawing and stuff.

But it is not recommended to use these pens for writing because that will look odd if you write answers with an orange and violet pen isn’t it.

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