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I am writing this post and my family members are still shouting around me some of them are doing their work and little kids are playing, and jumping on the beds and floor above me. But I have found some ways to study with their noises and here I will share it with you.

So How to study with a noisy family? You can try to get a saparate room if possible make sure to keep it soundproof to avoided or you can try some products such as noise cancellations headphones, Listen to soothing music. Also you can tell your family members to make less noises when you try to study.

The problem with noises around you occurs mostly with the middle-class joint families. And as a middle-class guy and student, I suffered it a lot when I use to study when I was in high school.

There are some tips that I want to share to with you guy if you are facing the same problem.

1.Try To Get A Separate Room/Place.

I know it will be hard for some people to get a separate room especially if they belong to a middle-class family. Because we people always adjust to everything in our lives.

To study with a focused mind you need a quiet place but that’s not possible with a large families with small houses.

So when I needed my separate room it was too small as I can only keep a study table a chair. There was not even a place to keep my books. Because Actually, it was a store room next to the kitchen.

But I have to manage it as there was no option and cleared the room and purchased some stuff to reduced the noises.

2.SoundProof Your Room.

Soundproofing a room is a great option to deal with the outer noises but to do that you need to do things like.

  • Using curtains and thick clothes near the doors and windows so that it absorbs a little bit of noise.
  • Use door sweeps so fill the gap below the doors.
  • Fill your room with items because an empty room with produce Ecos and capture sound much quickly.

Other than that there is another option that you can use is use acoustic wedges panels which musicians and singers used to make their studio soundproof so that they can record their voice.

But as a student, you have to spend a good amount of money to purchase those panels. You can ask you, parents, to do it for you so that you can study well.

Study With A Noisy Family

Checkout the prices of acoustic panels at amazon

3. Purchase Noise Cancellations Earphones/Headphones.

As I told you earlier I have a kitchen just next to a my so called study room. So whenever I tried to read or study the noises keep coming every time. And this generally happed during the evening and before dinner when my mom use to cook.

So it was getting very hard for me to study and I thought that I should do something about it and then I made a decision to buy earphones. The first earphones which i bought were very cheap and was about only 100-150 Rs abn it quickly broke.

Next, as wanted good noise-canceling earphones, I saved a lot of money to buy my first earphones which were Sony MDRXB50AP It cost me somewhere between 2500 – 3000 Rs.

You can buy those from amazon at a much cheaper price now. Check out Sony MDR-XB50AP Price.

But it got broken after long use and I must say it lasted log about 4 years and then I purchased much better headphones for me which is of bose. I don’t know the model number but here is a picture that I got it from amazon.

Study With A Noisy Family

It cost me nearly 10,000 rupees but at this price, this is the best headphone so far. Check out its present price at amazon.

4. Talk With Your Family Members.

It is funny to talk to the members to not to make sound during the day or while you try to study because hardly anyone will listen to you.

Instead grab someone who knows the importance of education for your career like your mom or dad who is working hard to educate you.

Or talk you your grandfather or grandmother because if you are in a joint family everyone will listen to them. Talking with your age people would not work because I tried it many times.

Other than that the most sounds is made by small children’s of the house to make them stop making noise you can pamper them or encourage them to play outside the house for a while.

But make sure they should not go far from the eyes of the family members because if something happens to them you will be blamed.

5. Be an Early Bird.

Laziness is the biggest enemy of success and if you are one of those people who wake up late in the morning then you are wasting your time.

And there is a solution if you are living in a joint family who makes noises too much is that you have to wake up early in the morning and start studying.

This way you don’t have to put extra effort during afternoon or evening whenever you want to study at home.

Also avoid studying late nights because it will disturb you sleep cycle and and you will be more disturbed when you study during the day.

6. Tell Your Teachers.

If your family is not taking you seriously and not providing a calm and peaceful environment to study then you should keep your points in front of your teacher.

Tell them that you cannot study at home properly because not getting proper environment to study as well and that is why your are performing low in your academics.

If the teachers really care about you they will really talk about this thing with your parents.

At the end

There are other options as well such as you can study at your friend’s house but you cannot do this every day. But you can do this when you have some exams or presentations to give to your school.

Also most of the students nowadays go to tuition for studying because of that hardly few people study properly at home. So whenever you are at home complete all your notes and rather study with focus in place where you are paying Money .Thanks for reading this.

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