Tips to get likes and avoid dislikes on your Chegg answers

Getting likes or a positive rating on your answers on Chegg is very important if you want to work for a long time in Chegg. But most of the time, the newly joined people face treble in getting positive ratings on Chegg. Also, they make some mistakes which make them get dislikes. Today you will learn some tips to get likes and avoid dislikes on your Chegg answers?

To get likes and positive ratings on your Chegg answers, you must write answers without any plagiarism, mention step by step process of solving answers, give explanations on true or false and MCQ questions, and keep your answers to the point that will surely get you like.

But why don’t you follow Chegg as a QnA expert and get dislikes in their answers? Well, just read the below information. I have shared my own personal trick that I followed on Chegg to avoid getting dislikes on my answers.

Tips to follow to avoid getting dislikes on you Chegg answers.

Don’t copy anything from internet.

To write answers, you can take references from internet sources such as websites, blogs, or any book, but do not copy anything word to word because that totally violates the Chegg answering policy.

Doing so can get you a dislike from the Chegg COMIS team that checks your answers randomly each month.

Give an explanation for your answer.

Answers without giving explanations and reasons make you look dumb if you are an expert. Students who ask questions expect that they would have a well-explained answer from a Chegg expert.

Whatever answer, you always right an explanation with it even if it is a small or one-word question. From my own personal experience, you will get a dislike if you write short answers.

Don’t choose answers that contains the word “urgent”.

Most of the time, students are in a hurry, and they want answers as quickly as possible but if you attempt the question, make sure to read the question carefully and look for words such as “quick answer,” “urgent,” “ASAP.”

Attempting such questions can get you a dislike because if you don’t submit the answers in time, students won’t hesitate to do so.

Making Wrong calculations.

Be careful while solving the numerical and math questions because one small mistake can be a downvote for you.

In Chegg guidelines, it is mentioned that if you are an expert and solving questions related to math’s make sure to write a step-by-step process and write equations and substitute the values carefully to avoid getting negative votes.

Typing Mathematical equations in text.

I made these mistakes in one of my answers and got 3.5/5.0 in my COMIS review in the first month as I made one silly mistake.

I made the mistake of writing mathematical equations directly on the answer space rather than writing it on the WordPad using the equation options.

Chegg recommends using math type tool for writing mathematics equations. If you don’t have math type installed, you can from here.

Bad handwriting.

Experts who submit their answers by writing on a sheet of paper should not hurry while solving the question. I personally feel solving questions on paper takes much less time than typing them on the computer.

Make sure to use a blank sheet and black pen to write you answer also don’t repeat step while solving the question and make your answer look good. To make it more presentable. You can use a highlighter to highlight answers.

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Tips to get likes on your Chegg answers.

Solving answers in less than 30 mins.

Solving questions, especially during peak hours from 1.00 am to 7.00 am (India Standard Time), can get you an upvote in your answers.

Because during this time, most of the students are using the website and expect the answer quickly from the expert. Also, the volume of questions between these hours is very high compared to the rest of the day.

Writing without plagiarism.

When I recommended one of my friends, Chegg, to work as a QNA expert, he doesn’t know about plagiarism and gives few answers just by copy-pasting it from a website.

However, this was the first time he did this, but as the Chegg team reviewed his answer, he got a warning that they also downvoted his answer.

So whenever you write answers, make sure you do not copy anything from any website or book. You can use the information as a reference and write in your words.

Giving Proper Explanation.

For each answer, you have to give a proper explanation for it. But most time, people get confused in questions such as true or false; fill in the blanks and MCQ type to explain those answers.

For the true and false questions, if any of the options are correct, write at least 100 words about why the answer is correct.

In MCQ type question, you have explained each option no matter if it is correct or incorrect. You can write 25-30 words about each option.

In the fill, the blanks answers can be summited as it is by filling the black space.

Things to do as a QnA expert.

Now, if you are new to this platform, here are some of the basic things you know about Chegg as an expert.

  • To get more questions, log in between 1.00 am – 7.00 am (Indian Time Standard).
  • Skipping for 5-10 mins can get you an easy question.
  • Don’t solve if there are more than 4 questions per request.
  • Solve numerical on the sheet and write theoretical answers on text.

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