Pen Stops Working

What if your favorite pen stops working. Suppose If you have purchased a expensive pen recently and suddenly it stops working in the middle of you work what you will do. Here in this article, you will know about several things that you can apply to make your pen working.

Before you read below here in this article I have mentioned both the problem and the cure so read full article to find your solution.

Why Your Pen Is Not Working?

Dried Ink

If you have not used your pen for a while or kept it somewhere for a long time this may be the reason that you pen is not working properly.

This happens when your ink dries as there is no movement done by the ink that is why you have to at least write with it in every couple of days.

Not Using Cap

During my school days and still, now I am very careless about handling caps of pens. Either I lost it, or if someone borrows my pen, they don’t return it with the cap.

As caps prevent a pen from making sure that its ink does not dry out quickly; however, using a cap slows down this process, not fully prevent it.

If you keep your pen without using it for months it will dry out.

Gap In The Ink.

Due to heat or pressure, the refill’s ink gets separated or goes to the end of the refill. This may be a reason due to the increase in heat. The ink does not flow towards the nip of the pen, and eventually, you cannot write with it.

Ball Broken

In all gel and ballpoint pens inside the nib, there’s a rollerball that helps you make you write on the paper. If you have ever noticed, this small rolls inside the nib and helps to spread ink over the paper.

But if that’s broken you cannot be able to write as it’s will flow continuously on the paper. The rollerball inside the nib is very delicate and can break easily if you drop your pen with using pen and also if you write with applying too much pressure.

Ink Leaked

Most of my school pants and shirts got dirty because my pens ink leaked on it.

But why it happened? Do you know?

The main reason why pen leaks are due to rising temperatures. It mostly happens when you keep it in your pocket. As it touches our body, and temperature inside the pen increases, which results in leakage.

This also happens in the summer season as students keep their stationary and a pen, and when it leaks, all the materials get dirty.

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Things You Can Do If Your Pen Stops Working!

Use Heat

Using heat you can make your pen alive when your pen stops working. Let me tell you about three way by which you can do it.

  • Heat the pen’s nib – Heating the pen’s nib will make it warm, and due to that, the ink will melt if it has dried inside the nib. This way, you can easily fix your pen if it has stopped working.
  • Keep it in warm water – Keeping a pen in water can only be done if the ink inside is dried otherwise doing so will make your ink more thin and due to that it may leak inside the water.
  • Use a hairdryer – Using an air dryer can be done if your pen stuck while writing as this method is not work all the time, but this is also an option.

Blow Air

Blowing air at the back of refill mostly works as it pushes rest of ink towards the nib of the pen. You can try this method when you pen stops working.

But if the ink is dried you need to do this multiple times. So before blowing air at the back make sure you try the first method give above.

Shake Your Pen

Shaking pen can make it work again but doing this action with full force can make your pen leak. The good moment to shake your pen if it is not working is holding it at barrel and shaking it with very light force.

Check Ink

This is pretty oblivious if you don’t have ink in your pen that’s not going work. So check it after one or two week when ever you write for long hours.

Use It In Rough Surface

Using your pen on rough surface can make it alive once again. This happens because we use copy which is a plain surface so mostly bullpens and gel pens have rollerball which more on same postion.

If you use it on rough surface the ball moves up and down and due to this it starts working again.

The best rough surfaces are:-

  • Rubber or Eraser.
  • Cardboard.
  • The backside of the copy with a rough surface.

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