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When your exam delays how do you feel?

Most of us become happy as we get a few more days to study and basically more chilling days for those who don’t study. But why exam gets delayed?

Delay in exams is caused due to many major reasons such as a change in syllabus due to new education policies, any national or state emergency, or other reasons that include the leak of question papers before the exams, students protest, etc.

But there are some advantages and disadvantages when your exam get delayed.

Advantages of exams delays.

  • Students get more time for preparation.
  • If this is your last year of school or college you get more time to spend with your friends and teachers.
  • If you are aspirants of any competitive exam and taking coaching classes they won’t take fees if the exam delays for 1-2 months.

Disadvantages of exam delays.

  • School and college students may face difficulties if they are in the last year as they will get a late start for their higher education.
  • The pressure of giving exams increases among students.
  • Students who came from remote areas may face some difficulties if exam delays or date extends.

Now you may aware of some of the advantages and disadvantages now let’s see what thing you can do during this time.

Watch over the official notifications

Nowadays, every educational institute has its own official website or any social media page. Only follow or keep your eye on those pages.

Because doing so will always make you update about the timetables, any major or minor changes about the exams if it delays.

Make sure do not trust what’s app groups if it is not official or any body from the institute is not joined in it. Especially be careful about those groups who have only boys as they can prank anyone but circulating the fake documents.

It the exam is board or all India there is less chances for you to get wrong news. As people spread fake news mostly in small exam because they held to be on small level.

Keep in touch with the teachers

If you exam delays always keep in touch with the teachers as most of them go college or school every day.

And if you take tuitions from them that’s very nice so that you can get daily updates about the school. This is a general point but most students hesitate talkin to teachers outside school hours.

Beware of the fake news

As I told you in the first point beware of fake news that most of the mischievous people spread in mostly social media groups. They would try to create havoc by posting fake document.

If you get any of the documents like that try reaching out to your friends or teacher to know the real news. Also check on the internet you would find results if the exams are held statewide or nation wide.

Prepare for the surprise date

When exam delays for indefinite period of time no one knows when any board or university schedule or make a time table table.

Be prepare for a surprise coming date as board or university can take exams on any date.

But as exams gets delays most of the students leave their studies and revision but if you do so you will be only in the trouble.

Get your admit card

I have seen lot of friends of mine as they forgot to take admit cards or don’t download it. This lazyness can get you in trouble.

In some of the exams the center demands the original admit card which you can only get from your school or college. So as soon as you get notifications try to get your admit card first.

In most of the exams especially in the competitive ones admit cards are given 1-2 week before the examination.

Use time for revision

Do you know if you do revision just three time of any of the subject you can easily secure good marks in the exams.

Well most of the people don’t know what revision is they look at the book one day of the exams. No wonder why they get average marks.

During the time in which your exam is delayed use just it to revise between this period don’t get anew book or learn anything new.

Give mock tests

Mock test is great option to test yourself and your preparation for the exams give as many mock test you can give offline or online but don’t get negative thoughts if you get less marks in your mock test.

Most students don’t perform mock test as doing this can make you aware about the your weak areas where you need to put more effort.

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