So are you looking for things for online teaching?

Many people think that online teaching is very hard, and they need the training to teach others online. If we think about those who have less knowledge about technology, it may be hard for them to teach online.

But if you read this article carefully, you can learn to set up your own online class at your home or anywhere you want. For that, you need to spend a couple of bucks, or you can borrow some simple things to start your online classes.

To teach online, you need to have a camera, a microphone, a computer, good lighting, a high-speed internet connection with quiet, and peaceful surroundings.

Let’s see what the common things you need to run an online class are.

Things to buy to open your first online class.

You can buy these products online from either e-commerce stores such as Amazon or Flipkart. If you buy the products from this article, I will get a small commission for that. You can help me with that too.

Software or Platform

things for online teaching (software)

To start teaching online and things for online teaching. First of all, you need to have software or a platform that you can use to teach others. Software like TalentLMS, Thinkific, iTunes are the best in the market. But if you use that you have to spend some money.

As per my knowledge, google classroom is the best and free tool you can use to start teaching online. Also, It comes with the support of various devices so that you can use it anywhere. With the help of these multiple files and documents can be between teacher and students.

Another great platform that billions of people use is youtube. If you don’t want to use any software or anything, just use this. You can upload videos or do live streaming to interact with students.

If you are a beginner, you should first use youtube then move to any platform.

Camera or smartphone

things for online teaching (camera)

A camera is the most important device to start any online activity that should be the first for things for online teaching. The most important thing it does is that it creates your appearance when you teach others, and students can link with you when you teach.

Although some teachers use a whiteboard or online platforms like a whiteboard. fi and, students can see the content only. The main reason to use a camera is that students can see you and create an atmosphere similar to the classroom.

Now I don’t recommend you to buy a separate camera for teaching if you don’t have a budget. Nowadays, smartphones also have excellent camera quality. You can use that too. But if you have done teaching for 3-4 months or want to spend some money on a good cam, then you can go for that.

Microphone or lapel mics.

things for online teaching (microphone)

Microphones are crucial so that the person watching you in the online class should get what you teach. And that comes with good audiovisual quality.

If you make videos on whiteboard animation, then you must buy a mic to record your videos. A decent collar mic would cost you around 200-1000 Rs, but I recommend you use a mix of more than 500 rs due to the quality of cheaper mics.

After that, once you got the mic, it’s time to record it on a good software or app. While live online class, you can not improve your sound quality unless you use a good mic. But for videos you upload is to be edited, people focus more on editing videos, not the sound quality.

To get a good voice, you can use free software like Audacity on Pc and if you record audio on your phone, then use Dolby On Application which is great. I personally use it.

Internet Speed

The most important thing to make your list of things for online teaching is to have a good internet connection. Using mobile internet (like 4g) will cost you more than a fixed internet connection.

As some times teaching online, the session or duration of one class may be longer. So if you live stream or upload your videos, it may take you a couple of gigabytes to upload them.

So as per my point of view you should have a good fixed internet connection with unlimited upload/download speed. And also, keep in mind to make your videos in not more than 480p so that the site may not be increased as it is decent quality to see any video.

A short video of 10-15 minutes can be on a high definition quality of 720p but not more than that.


things for online teaching

This is an optional thing you can buy to give your class a more professional look. Lights play an important role while you make the videos.

If you use a blackboard or whiteboard to make a video, then the light source should be behind the camera. So that it can directly fall on you are the content you are teaching.

Try to use a room that has more windows in it to use natural lighting for making videos.

But if you make videos in a dark room, then artificial lighting is to be used, and that too with a good one.

More things you can use for online teaching.

T shirts

Suppose you own a coaching class or teach a large number of students, then you can use custom-made t-shirts. Many famous online teaching institutes use them so that they can show their branding.

You can also do that by making your custom t-shirts locally or giving online orders to sites like Vistaprint, Printland, etc.

Rember to use an only color t-shirt, either black or white, don’t go for any fancy colors as people will be distracted.


Taking about the online presence, almost every big and small-medium business has or moves towards getting a website. Website is essential if you own a coaching class or an educational institution.

You can hire a web developer to make your website but make sure not to pay more for a website.

A simple website can be made with 6000-7000 Rs/yr with a web developer, and complex sites will cost you more than 15000-20000/Rs.

Products you can buy

As I have given you an idea about the best things you require for the online classes. I have made a list of some of the best products you can buy online to start the classes ASAP.

Now I will share the links of some products that you can buy online, and you can help me if you purchase them from the below links to get things for online teaching.

Things for online learningName of Product
CameraLogitech C922
MicrophoneLogitech – H390
LightsOsaka 308 led
InternetFiber or Broadband min speed( 10 Mbps)
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