So are you one of those people who are searching for answers about whether you should take a day off from studying or not.

Well, it completely depends on multiple things that we are going to be taking in this blog post. But before we move any further in simple terms my personal answer would be.

You can absolutely take a break or day off from studying. But it completely depends on how much you have studied. If your exam is in a few months you can take a day off per week for a day or two. And if your exam is 2-3 days later you must rest don’t panic just keep calm.

Why you should take a day off from studying?

The main reason what i feel is people take day off is either they have to do their pending work, attend any function or to take rest.

There are many reasons to answer this question about the day off from studying. Let’s see them one by one.

  • It helps you to focus on other things such as your other school projects and homework if it’s not done.
  • Working professionals studying for any competitive exams can take a day off if they have some other works related to their office.
  • To spend some time with family and friends.
  • To watch your favorite sport on tv.
  • Attend any important social or family function.

These are some common examples that many students and people follow to take a day off from studying. But keep in mind don’t make it a habit.

Benefits of taking a day off from studying.

How many of you know that there are some advantages to taking a break from studying. In Fact, most average students do this every two days…just kidding. Here some benefits.

Helps to improve focus.

Most of us during the exams we use to studying continuously for hours. According to research by Robert A, Hatch by the University of Florida. The average time of studying for students is 4-5 hours a day. So if you are one of those who continuously study for 9-10 hours taking a day off will give you some rest a improve your focus for the next day.

Clear your mind.

We all take stress nowadays as our lifestyle have become so much complexed people don’t know what to do and what not. Taking a break will help you to clear your mind and making a strategy for your upcoming days.

You will get importance socially.

You can become a social element as well if you take a day-off form study. Nowadays people don’t meet each other rather using social media. Meeting people personally and attending social functions will help your image to grow in the society.

How often can you take a day off from studying?

There is no clear answer for this question as it totally depends on three things.

  • How much you have studied?
  • Is there any exam near you?
  • Do You really need it or is it just for fun?

Now taking day off can be consider how far is your exam or how many days left for your exams.

Generally, in schools and colleges there is an exam in every three 3-4 months.

And talking about the aspirants for the competitive exam they just have one chance to give the exam and if they fail they have to try again next year.

For School Colleges students

School and college students can take break one or two days a week. if they have exam approaching in few days then they have to focus on completing the given syllabus.

Before one month of the exam, you can reduce taking breaks from studies. As schools and colleges do not give homework and assignment during these days so that students can focus on the exams.

For Competitive exam aspirants

The competitive exams aspirants have ample amount of time to complete their syllabus. But there are some disadvantage to them also if they are working professionals.

The main reason is they get holiday for one day in a week so if they take day off on that particular day it will actually put negative impact on there preparation.

Rather than make a 2-3 hours study plan on a daily basis. No matter what happens you have to study these many hours a day you can also take free time while you are in the office.

And if all goes well you can still take day off during sundays.


No matter what you have done in the past either you made some mistakes while reading or not even studied anything. If you want to take a day off from studying and if it helps you then you should definitely go for it.

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