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We all have faced the problem of inconsistency while we study some of us have a problem that we cannot able to study for long durations. Unlike schools and lowers grades where we have to only study for an hour or two. As in the higher classes, it demands consistency and dedicated hard work to reach success.

So how to study with consistency?

To study with a focus and consistency there are some tips or you can say rules you can follow given below.

  • Make a goal.
  • Focus on your Goal.
  • Implement A Strategy.
  • Start Slow And Low.
  • Set Minimum Time.
  • Break The Timings.
  • One Subject At A Time.
  • Make Difficult One easy.
  • Do not Cancel But Postponed.
  • Set up a Study Room.
  • Gather Your Materials.
  • Don’t Depend On OThers.
  • Complete All Your Work Before Studying.

So now you know the points you have to follow to study with consistency and to have an in-depth idea let’s check out the very point in a detailed way.

1. Make A Goal.

This is really important for everyone to have a clear mind about why you are studying anything and for what reason you are studying. Is it to get a job or just for the sake of society and show others that you have complete your eduation.

Without having a goal in your mind you cannot focus on anything which applies to education completing education too. So Before you do anything just make sure why are you opting any course or taking any subject.

Suppose you want to get admission to Yale or Harvard university it should be your inner self that you should ask and then took the decision of studying to get admission.

I have seen many of my friends they took the same college and courses that they was not sure about and got into peer pressure just thinking that what would people say to them.

Why should you set goals?

Having a goal in your education life means you have a blueprint that what you will be doing next with strategical. Here are some tips on why you should make goals.

  1. Gives you a clear path to get succeed in academics.
  2. Boosts your self-confidence in your studies.
  3. Make you understand what is your positive and negative points and in what exam or topic you are doing wrong.

2. Focus On Your Goal.

Making a goal is not everything unless you pay focus on it because most people lose hope and either they get distracted or they do something else other than focusing on their own goal.

I know it is very hard especially nowadays with a lot of distractions but you can make focus on doing the following things such as.

  • Make a schedule a day before what you are going to study the next day.
  • Make there-four strategy or learning way that you need to implement and keep it as your back up plan.
  • Start reading topics, not the whole chapter do this for one-two weeks and then start learning the full chapters.
  • Always think positive and neglect negative points.
  • Make short goals for completing chapters and don’t go for reading long chapters during your initial start.

3. Implementing A Strategy.

Implementing a strategy for studying can be sometimes easy and can be a long process because your strategy will take time to work for your as all of the sudden you will not get any results.

To study with consistency you need try lot of ways to as some of your strategy will work.

How to implement a strategy to study with consistency?

  • Wake up early in the morning and start studying. At first, start studying by keeping your time limit a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Make notes while you study any topic because this way you can do revision at a much faster rate.
  • You can make a schedule chart and stick it near a place where you can easily see it and follow it.

4. Start Slow And Low.

During the starting phase when you want to study anything at the time the it is very hard for you to sit for long hours to sit and study.

For that what you can do is just study everything in pieces or making topics small. By doing this you can clear topic more easily without thinking that you have a burden on your self.

If you start learning the small chapters first then you may get interested to do on the chapters as well also studying small chapters and topics at first help you to complete your syllabus.

5. Set A Minimum Time.

The minimum time for a student to study for a day at home should be 1 to 2 hours a day. Here you should not count completing the homework and assignments given to you from school.

But some people think that completing homework and another project given to you is only studying.

Except for completing the works given to you from the school you can take more time to study chapters that are thought in school. In this way completing the syllabus will become easy and you will also find doubts for the teachers to ask in the school.

If you are unable to sit for even 1 hour to study then split the hours into 4 parts and study for 15 minutes each topic and take 5 mins break between the topics you cover.

6. One Subject At a Time.

As I told you in the above points to become consistent in anything first of you have to stop getting distracted and you can do this by studying one subject or topic at a time.

Even during the exams don’t study more then one subject at a time because this will mug up your mind and create more problems for you.

Instead focus on a particular for example you can study Biology/ math’s in the morning, then in after noon go for chemistry and at night try subjects like English or and subjects which you can easy read like a novel.

You can also shuffle the subjects as per your interest but don’t do it to often.

7. Break The Timings.

It is hard for everyone to study for long hours sitting in one place. You can complete the topics only when you take interest in reading the topics.

You can break the timings to study. For example, don’t study for long hours and split your timings in the morning, evening, and night. Study 1- 2 in each session.

Breaking the time schedule will fresh up your mind also you will not get frustrated while studying any subject.

8. Make Difficult one easy.

I know you may leave the difficult subjects or topics that you find hard to understand but trust if you read all those things at first the burden of reading those will become less.

At first you will loose interest in studying and sometime you may close the books and go somewhere to play or chill with your friends. But doing this will create problem for you only.

Rather than you just find doubts about that subject. For example I find mathematics very hard and I never got good marks until the 10th std. because during that time I used to mark all the doubts clear in my tuition class.

I somehow managed to get decent marks which was better the marks i secured in y previous classes.

You can also follow this thing and for solutions and answers, you can get help from the teachers.

9.Do not Cancel But Try To Postponed.

The main problem for a student because he/she is inconsistent in their studies is that they skip their study hours too often and because of that they loose interest in learning things.

You will only get consistent in your studies if your study daily and for that you have to follow the 21 day habit challenge.

Yes, according to a study there was a research in which has described the 21 day habit formation formula. In which you have to do anything for 21 days with out taking a gap of single day a you will be able to focus on a particular task. For more information read this study.

This you have also apply to your daily routine and just try to study for your own sake for 2 hours a day. In just 21 days you will see the change.

Also are per cancel or postposing things you can skip you studies if there is any important work related to your medical, social , or family things but don’t cancel your schedule or change it just to watch tv or chill with friends.

10.Setup A Study Room.

The environment you need to Study With Consistency is possible with having a suitable place to study. You will definitely need a study room to study for long hours.

If you don’t have a study room you can ask your parents for giving or setting up a new one. It will be great if you have your own room as you can have privacy and also your younger brothers and sisters will not disturb you.

But don’t take an advantage of it as having privacy for some people do every but studying.

11. Gather Your Materials.

After getting a study room it’s time for you to gather all your materials in your place where you want to study.

Keep only those books or notebooks which is relevant to subject because keeping too many books In front of you can distract as you may think some of the topics of subject have not completed.

Keeping study materials at a place will save your time and increase your time to spend on your studies.

12. Don’t Depend On Others.

Studying with friends is a great option but do not depend totally on them as sometime they can tell you lie or unable to study with you for some reason.

Instead just follow your own plan of studying, But for some days you can study with them if the topic is very hard to clear.

Also for those who are totally dependent on their tuition teachers as you should not behave like a spoon feeding person. Limit your tuitions for clearing your doubts not to complete the chapters.

Remember that the consistency on your studies will only come if you do self study.

13. Complete You All Other Work Before Studying.

My mother use to give me lot of work whenever I use to sit to study till now she does this thing with me. It really disturbed me a lot.

If you are facing the same problem, then ask your mom or any other person that they have any work with you. Also, tell them you are working on a very important project for school. Tell them a lie it really works with me.

Also, make sure your friends don’t disturb you and make your phone silent to not receive calls while your study.

At the end

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