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Many people have a problem when they study with a laptop. As online learning is getting popular day by day every day each one of us either uses our phone or mostly laptop to study on the daily basis. Most of us use laptops to study online so how to use it properly let’s see.

So How To Study With A Laptop? You can study with a laptop by making notes on it, interacting with teachers in live classes choosing the right platform or videos on the youtube and keeping it away from distracting websites.

That’s not all if you want to go to deep you can read the awesome tips that i have shared below.

10 Amazing Tips To Study With A Laptop.

There are things you may need to know and learn about to make your experience better while studying on the laptop.

  1. Learn To Make Notes.
  2. Find the Best Youtube Channel.
  3. Attend Live Classes Regularly.
  4. Join Communities.
  5. Avoid Distracting Programs.
  6. Install The Best Softwares.
  7. Use Google Scholar
  8. Learn From the Outside.
  9. Download videos Offline.
  10. Backup Your Study Materials.

So now you know the points you must follow to study effectively with your laptop. Let’s see them one by one in detail so that you can use your laptop like a pro-student.

1. Learn to Make Notes

Making notes on laptops is a complected process because I have seen most students will make their notes on Wordpad, notepad, or word. There’s nothing wrong in using that program.

You should use softwares that are already use for just making notes although many people don’t use it because they find it difficult to do.

To make things easy for you I have come up with three best software you can use for note-taking on your laptop.

1.EverNote- Best for making notes

(Platform: Windows, Mac)

Evernote is a power full note taking app used for managing notes digitally. To know more in detail watch the video below.

2. Microsoft One Note

(Platform: Windows)

As it is clear from the name itself this one is the product of microsoft and it is free to use . It works similar to evernote but give alternative to people to choose one.

Other than that there are many others note making applications and softwares for the students who study in laptop. You can google about them but on majority most people the above two softwares the most.

2.Find The Best Youtube Channel

The great advantage of learning online is you can study anything from anywhere in the world. As most of the students prefer youtube a platform to study online they must choose the right channels to follow.

You can find many channels on youtube related to your subject and topic but make sure the channel has good rating and content quality because the better the reviews and content the better the chances for you study effeciently.

Also keep in mind do not subscribe too many channels with same niche or topic at a time because you can get confuse o what to study and what not.

Here are some Best Youtube Channels For Students.

Youtube Channels Ideal For
Exam Fear CBSE 6-12Th Class Students
Wifi StudyCompetative Exams
Only UPSCUPSC Fre Preparation
Khan AcademySAT Exam
Med School InsiderMCAT Exam
Aman DhatterwalCAT Exam
Best Free Youtube Channels For Students

You can suggest more youtube channels name on the comments sections i will add up in the list.

3.Attend Live Classes Regularly.

Online classes provides great advantages to students such as flexibility of time, low cost and reduce travel time to institute.

You should attend live classes daily not because just for the attendance but also to keep yourself engaged with the teachers , friends and your classmates.

Also you can ask questions to teachers in real time and get a solution on the spot. However in online education you can watch classes later but to be in good books of the teachers you should daily attend the classes and should never miss it.

How to never miss an Online live class?.

  • Set Reminders.
  • Check your internet connectivity.
  • Make sure you have all the materials required to a particular subject.

4. Join Communities.

If you spend your time in online activities too much then you should join as much communiest you can. Because doing so you will interact with new people and share your ideas on stuydying.

If you want to study with your laptop then you should join various communities which you can easily find in many social media platforms. It can be anything like a facebook page or group, Instagram pages and other social media platforms such as reddit and Quora.

But make sure there are too much fake groups and accounts which have trashy content ignore them and move towards something that can really help you.

Tip:- Follow Only Those Accounts which is verified by the platform or have decent numbers of followers in it.

5. Avoid Distracting Programs.

This is the problems for most of the students as many time while you are studying something seriously some notifications pop out or something like that.

The first thing you have to do to make sure that you cannot get distracted is turn of all the notifications of all social media platforms. Other than that remove your self from all the unnecessary groups and pages which does not have relevancy with your studies.

Also delete all the games, movies and music which is can distract you while you study on a laptop.

You can also use certain chrome extensions and software to block your internet connection if you don’t use it much.

Tip:- Try to save your study videos or online classes videos offline on your laptop because this way you can easily access them in slow internet or in powercut.

6.Install The Best Softwares.

Most of the students use pirated software once in their life. But as a educated person and a student you should not do it also try encourage others not to download and even use it on their PC. Because doing this you can get hacked and your privacy can lost. Also it is illegal to use such softwares.

People do this to save their money but one thing you can do is buy the products in groups or software which have multiple devices to use this way you can save your money. Other than that you can use open-source software which is free to use.

Here are some best software that you may need while you study On A laptop.

  • Flux– used To Reduce Eyestrain.
  • Google -Docs, Sheets, Slides.
  • Libre Office – alternative to Ms Office

7. Use Google Scholar

We all use google on the daily basis but as a student do you know Google has an amazing platform which is the meant for the students only.

Yes, I am talking about the Google Scholar which is only made for the students. Google Scholar contains much better educational content than compared to google’s normal search engine.

To visit Google Scholar Just Type ” ” on your search engine.

Also if you want to get the genuine information about ant topic or research you can search on the google scholar.

Advantages of using google scholar.

  • Easily Find Science and Technology articles.
  • Get Info about Patents and Legal Documents.
  • Get Library links easily.

To know more visit Original source.

8. Learn From the Outside

Studying online has no limitations you can also refer other platforms to gain knowledge. No matter if you are in school or in college if you finding things hard to study. You can also lean on other things.

If you have online classes from school and things are getting hard to understand then you can you use other platforms such as youtube, blogs and articles.

Read the second point to know about the best youtube channels for students. It is free to use and you don’t have to pay for that.

But don’t do this when you are in the middle of the live class because it will be awkward. And always clear your doubts before the end of a session or classes the teachers will always try to help you.

9. Download videos Offline

To be on the safe side you can download the videos offline in your laptop or you can use any external storage device like , SSD , HDD or Pendrive if there is any lack of space.

Downloading Offline video can help you to study if there is slow internet or no internet connection this way you can study anywhere any time.

But Make Sure you organise your videos and PDF Documents as education and study videos has too many topic so it’s very hard for the students to manage them.

How You Can Download Videos From Youtube?

You can download youtube videos any download managers such as I prefer IDM(Internet Download Manager)If you want to use a paid software or you can use FDM(Free Download Manager) for free downloading videos. But overall IDM is better to use.

10. Backup Your Study Materials

Other than that you can backup your study materials on any cloud platforms. This can only be done if you have taken notes from someone or even your notes or projects than you don’t want to take it physically.

Don’t save youtube videos on any cloud platform because that will only waste your time and internet data.

If there is too much notes or file you can make two or even three gmail accounts to get more storage over cloud. As you can save 15Gb Data in google drive so 2-3 gmail account would help you.

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