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Hey, guys, welcome to the blog. You must-reading this article if you are in either in class 10th or 12th. And obviously searched about how you can study for board exam In 1 month.

Don’t worry. To help you out, I have gone thru many forums, groups, and websites on the internet and found out some tips that can help you to succeed in your board exams in one month.

Here are some tips that can help you get above 90 % if you do this for 1 month.

Study Early Morning

Not only if there’s months or weeks left for the exams, but you should maintain a habit of studying early in the morning.

There are many reasons which benefits you if study daily in the morning. Like:-

  • Your brain works much faster if you had a good sleep at night and you can easily memorize things.
  • You can focus better in the natural sunlight.
  • Studying in the morning gets you extra time for revision and competing with other pending work of your class.

There are other benefits as well which you can read here.

Now you have known some of the advantages of studying early in the morning. It’s just up to you and your will power to wake up in the morning.

Get Previous Years Question And Model Question Books.

We all have heard the quote that “Practice Makes Perfect,” which applies the same in the exams. And to get awesome marks in board exams, you need to practice writing questions asked in the exams.

Getting the model question books or previous years’ papers is a great option to practice writing answers before the exams.

How to get previous years question papers ?

You can get previous question papers for free on the internet. Just go to your school or college website for doing this. If you are unable to find it, you can ask others to do so.

Other than that, several websites on the internet and forums on which people share the study materials.

How to get Model Question Papers?

Model question papers can be either downloaded online or you can buy the books that many publishers sell online and offline mode.

Almost every school, college, and the university provide free models question on their websites. Just have a look at that and if you don’t find any material then after you can buy them or borrow from any teacher or senior.

Don’t Try To Complete Full Syllabus Before The Exams.

For those students who have not completed studying their whole syllabus, it’s better that you should leave them and study or revise what you have completed in the past.

This is because reading new things just before the exams can create confusion, especially if you study any subject from science. Every chapter has some connection with each other.

But what about those people who haven’t touched their books in years. These are the students who always study before the exams with no revision and proper practice.

If you haven’t studied anything in the past then what you can do is first analyze the chapters that are important and the questions asked from them. Then check out the model questions and start studying accordingly.

First, try to complete the chapters from where most of the question is being asked in the exams. Then go for other chapters after revising the previous one.

Revise On The Spot.

Whenever you study anything no matter if it is a big or small topic you should do revision at least one time after you complete the topic.

Because doing so will make the topic very summarized for you and next time when you study that it will be easier for you to read things.

Most of the people don’t pay attention on the question like trivia and facts given on the books they read. But if you solve that question you will solve some really great questions and your revision will start.

Also start writing answers in your own words and match them with original answers.

Gather Your Notes

If it is only one month left for the main exam there is no sense of making new notes if you have not made any also this will consume more time. Instead you can ask your friends or teachers to help you out.

You can copy their notes to read or even take the help of the internet to find the notes of your required topic.

Keep your notes organized and subject wise also, try to avoid the notes which are just copy-pasted from the book because most people copy words from the book.

Manage Time With Studies And Other Works.

Time management is an important part of achieving your goal in life. This also implies in your exam preparation, if your exam is one month away, only you have to dedicate yourself to studying.

During this time try to cancel all miscellaneous plans that you have made with your friends.

Other than that if your family is dependent on your for many household work you can ask any of your relative for a month to help on all those thing till your exams are finised.

Taking about the schedule don’t focus on time and think that you have to study for long hours, like 8-10 hours a day. If your catching power is good, then you can easily finish the topics in short timings.

Take Help Of Your Teachers

Many students are shy in nature and due to that, they are not able to communicate with their teachers. I was also a bit shy during my school day but during the time of exams, I took a lot of help from my teachers.

Teachers have taken many exams in their previous years they know which type of questions can be asked in the board exams.

You can also borrow their books if they allow to give you.

Take The Help Of The Internet

Using the internet, many problems can be fixed easily nowadays. Talking about education, you can easily find any solution to any question using it.

Nowadays almost every student have access of the internet you can use it to learn and prepare for your board exams easily.

There are many websites and YouTube channels that can help you to understand a topic.

When I was in giving my 12th class board exams, I use to watch videos of It has covered all the science topics, and the language is straightforward, and anyone can understand it.

Other than that there are many free YouTube channels that provide free videos on every topic you can also check them too.

Talk To The Toppers

Talking to toppers especially your seniors can help you in many ways before your board exams. They can share many tips that they would have followed.

Ask them what mistakes had they made during their exams and how they wrote answers in there paper.

You could borrow their books and notes if they had not sold or given to someone.

If you are not finding any seniors around you you can ask your elder brother or sister to help you out.


Hope the tips that I have shared will help you out and you can get good marks in the your exams.

How much time do you need to study before one month of your exam?

Your reading session should be of 1 hour. In which 45 minutes you should study and left 15 hours you can take rest or revise the things.

Can you pass the exam by studying one month?

Exams can be passed in one month with average marks. But to get high marks you need to clear the topics given in your syllabus.

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